Monday, June 14, 2010

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-Toews has yet another thing to add to that long resumé of his, he joins Kane has a NHL cover boy. According to Puck Daddy, EA Sports had a slip up and announced Toews as the NHL 11 cover boy. Check out Toews on the cover in the new alternate jersey here. This is now two years in a row a Hawk graces the cover. World domination!

The Trailer:

-Cabbie and WGN have two things in common: They both cover the Hawks and they both cover them using funny.

Here's a video of the WGN's funniest moments from the Hawks celebrating after winning the Cup:

It's full of classic moments and Kane tonguing the Cup.

-Cabbie's final Journey to the Cup:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

-Dale Tallon is responsible for the big guys on the Hawks including those two boys
named Toews and Kane. There really should be no reason to why he shouldn't have his
name on the Cup and new bling on his finger.

Tallon: "Listen, this organization has been very good to me for 33 years and I expect them to take good care of me. I have no concerns about that. It's a class group and as I've said, I expect everything to be done in a classy manner. They've always taken care of me."

Tallon: ''I was totally excited and just really proud. I was proud of them. I was proud of what we accomplished. I was proud of what was done there and the work put into it to get to that level.''

Read more on Tallon here:

-The Hawks are breaking records left and right, but not just on the ice:

"The landmark playoff run was highlighted by the most-watched NHL game in the U.S. in 36 years; the highest audience for an all-U.S. Final in Canadian television history; the most-watched first two rounds on U.S. cable in history; the most-watched NHL game in TSN’s history; record TV ratings in local markets such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Boston; television and digital growth in non-traditional markets like Memphis, Kansas City, New Orleans and San Diego; another record year for unique visitors; the hottest of all hot markets in Chicago fueling a one-day sales record; in-arena sales for the Final growing by 129 percent; and measurable buzz on platforms like Google and Twitter. "

Read more detail about the latest records: Stanley Cup Playoffs Attract Largest Audience Ever

-Another hoarse voice, Versteeg was on Chicago Tribune Live Today: Watch video here

-The last Sharp Attack of the season with Eric and Kathy!
Listen to another fabulous and hilarious interview with Sharp here

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