Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Around the UC:

-Sopel at first glance: Long greasy hair with an almost rock star look, far from the typical family man.

Sopel at second glance: Blocks the hell out of shots. Adopted his son Paul at the age of seventeen when his parents died. And now is representing the Hawks at this weekend's gay pride parade along with the Cup. (Hawks bring Cup to Pride Parade)

The humble Sopel: "I am honored to do it."

-We know two things for sure about this upcoming season: the season opener is set for Oct. 9th and the line-up that day will not be the same:

Bowman: "I've had a lot of dialogue, talked to every GM multiple times over the last week. Lots of phone calls. Obviously, it tends to pick up as you get closer to the draft. ... I'm not trying to diminish it. We are going to have to move some good players out.”

Bowman: "There's going to be some movement, not just with the Blackhawks. From what I'm hearing, other players will be moved as other teams try to jockey around. I would expect this year to be more transactions as opposed to less. From discussions I've had, sounds like a lot is going on league wide."

Bowman: "I think the core of our team [next season] will be identical to this year. Like I referenced before, we locked those guys up on purpose, because they're not going anywhere. Hossa is not going anywhere. The strength of our team will be back.

According to @Real_ESPNLeBrun, the Hawks price for Buff is a first-round pick and a prospect.

-Duncs said goodbye to the gap in his smile and hello to plastic teeth. He showed up to Las Vegas for the awards wearing brand new plastic teeth. (photo here) Speaking of the awards, they air tomorrow night on Versus. It would be a crime if by tomorrow night we are not calling Duncs a Norris Trophy winner.

- More on Cover boy Toews:
(Photos: here)

Toews: "Last year they had Patrick Kane and I wasn't sure if he was the right guy. Now they got the right guy."



  1. Okay, not to offend anyone at all, but is it just me or did they pick Sopel on purpose? Like they pick the least sexy player on the Hawks (supposedly so he has no reason to get uncomfortable or nobody hits on him? :D). I feel sorry for those guys, they wanted Sharpie! (I wonder why...). Hopefully they throw in some of those puck bunnies for the girls!

  2. I don't know, I didn't even think about it. Another reason he might of been picked id because he lives full time in the Chicago area, while the rest of the guys probably went home.

  3. Well and he volunteered because he's all about tolerance and he wants to show that to his children. That's a classy guy right there.

    Hopefully they're not disappointed they didn't get Sharpie! :D