Thursday, June 24, 2010

Around the UC:

-Bowman spoke to the media on every aspect of the recent 'blockbuster' trade with the Thrashers. He explained what we already knew that the Buff trade was for the money. It wasn't Buff's performance, they had to shave off some of the money for the cap. And that's exactly what Bowman did by saving about $5 million dollars. He did his job and it was good move:

It seems Bowman and the Hawks will rely on guys such as Dowell, Skille, and Bickell in the upcoming season. They could pick up the physical play that we lost with Buff and Eager: "I think we'll have Jake Dowell in our lineup. He's certainly going to get a chance to play on our team. He brings a lot of that rugged play as well."

On Bickell: "He's a big guy like Buff, he's got some skill, and can skate. He just is younger and hasn't maybe had the opportunity yet. We're hoping he can play a bigger role next year."

Blackhawks TV spoke to Bowman:

Bowman on making tough trade

Bowman on Marty Reasoner

Bowman on Jeremy Morin

Bowman on getting two draft picks

More on the Trade: Sopel went on Waddle & Silvy today: "It's a business. I'm going to move on to Atlanta and do my best there and bring what I normally bring every single night. The Blackhawks have somewhat of a plan and needed to shed salary to get where they can play next year."
You can listen to the whole thing: here

-Colin Fraser reacts to being the latest Blackhawk to be traded: "I'm not really surprised. It's not that I wanted to leave and I don't think it's that they wanted to get rid of me. It's just one of those things that had to happen to get under the salary cap and to fit enough guys on the roster. That's the business part of the game. It's nobody's fault."(source)

"I love Chicago. They were very good to me and gave me the opportunity to play in the NHL, but obviously it's a business and moving forward I'm a little bit closer to home which is exciting and going to a team where hoping I'll be able to play a bigger role and maybe prove myself as a player more and get more ice time."

"People knew this was going to happen. It was only a matter of time. It had to happen, it' s not that they want it to happen. It's surprising no matter who it is (who's traded), especially after the year we had." (source)

-The Blackhawks came out with a nice, new and shiny wallpaper:

You can change your background to Duncan Norris Keith here

-Sharp signed at Flatlanders Restaurant in Lincolnshire today. Check out photos here

-Quote of the day: Duncs on Seabs: "Maybe we can get him to win this award sometime too." (that would be quite nice)