Friday, June 4, 2010

Flyers even the series, back to the UC


Ladd in, Burish out. Boynton in, Hendry out. Boynton's first playoff game and Ladd's first game of the series. Also, no Carcillo.


Ladd must of been a little too excited, he started the game with a goaltender interference. Hawks went to the penalty kill, while Ladd went to the box for his first shift of the series. Flyers put early pressure on the Hawks, but Niemi was on his game. Leighton showed some aggressiveness towards Madden and basically gave him a highstick. Toews literally just missed several opportunities in a row but, like Niemi, Leighton was good too. The Hawks started firing some shots but the refs called a questionable highsticking penalty on Kopecky. Richards scored early on the powerplay. No helpers on that one besides Hammer. Campbell took down Leino and sent him to the dressing room on a big hit by center ice. Hossa also threw his body around with a hit on Hartnell, then drew a hooking penalty. Keith with a hard shot on the Hawks powerplay but Leighton had a quick glove save. Hawks had plenty of shots but the Flyers cleared each time too. Bolland and Richards exchanged some words. Another unassisted Flyers goal to put them up 2-0. Hammer tried to clear the puck but Carle got it past Niemi. Leino made it known he was back out on the ice with a snow shower on Niemi. Sharpy cut the lead in half with a shot under Leighton's arm. And of course the Flyers came right back with a goal of their own. Almost to easy for the Flyers. No one was even close to Giroux. The first ended with a Flyers 3-1 lead.


Bolland called for a highstick on Carter after Niemi said no to his rebound. Hawks killed it. Sharp showed some speed on a couple of shots. Brouwer and Eager also had a couple nice plays sprinkled with some scoring opportunities. Turnover by the Flyers, Hossa tried to take advantage but Sharp got called for a 'slash' in front of the net. Another kill for the Hawks. Buff didn't look to sharp in this one. Niemi tried giving Hawks fans a heart attack in a different way by coming too far out of the net. He said no but still pretty scary. Boynton got some attention when he was called for a slash at the same time Hartnell was called for a crosscheck. Some more Hawks helmets go flying, Kane was the latest victim. The Flyers fans started chanting 'refs you suck." That's funny. 3-1 Flyers to end the second. That's not funny.


Line changes to begin the third, Toews and Kane were split up. Toews was with Buff and Ladd, while Kane was with Versteeg and Bolland. Leino got one more for the Flyers for a three goal lead. Seabrook went to the box for crosschecking. Later, the Hawks had a 5 0n 3. All of sudden the Hawks woke up and we had ourselves a hockey game. Bolland cut the lead in half during the powerplay. Niemi was being huge and swallowing up everything. Soupy shot one, while Toews and Ladd were crashing the net. The shot got pass Leighton and it was a 4-3 game. Seabrook almost had one on a nice play by him and Duncs. Keith with the shot and Seabs with the redirect. Niemi left for the bench. Empty net for the Hawks equaled heart attack inducing. Versteeg called for slashing. Hawks lose game four 5-3 after a empty netter goal by the Flyers. One of the only bright spots in the game was the Hawks showing some heart in the end. Now back to the United Center with the series even at 2-2.


Toews was pissed and annoyed. Toews: "not going to sit here and cry about it."

More post game reactions later, plus photos!

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