Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hawks in the Media: SportsCenter, TMZ, and more Leno

-Toews and Kane on SportsCenter:

-Watch the Hawks on TMZ here: The Stanley Cup Goes Clubbing in Hollywood

-The boys on Jay Leno:

Keith on the tooth necklace: "They made that for me. It was nice to give something back for having us on the show."

Kane on the necklace: "I found out in the rehearsal today. It was pretty funny. 'Dunc' has been getting a lot of questions about his teeth, so, it was something where he can have a little fun with it."

Keith: "That was the neat part about it. I noticed it on him about halfway through the show. 'Ah, he's still wearing the tooth.' It was pretty cool."

Seabrook on the Cowbell: "I wasn't contributing. I was making noise."

Toews: "I was fake playing the guitar. I made it look like I actually was playing, got the crowd going a bit."

Seabrook: "It was super cool. We had a lot of fun."

Keith: "I texted some of my buddies and they were just pumped. Hopefully they can check it out and have a laugh at me."

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