Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hawks lose Game 3 in Overtime


Pregame involved way too much orange with a little 'God bless America'.


Powe looked to give the Flyers an early lead with a spinning move that was not quite the spin-o-rama. Soupy kept up speed with him and helped deny him a goal. Buff barely touched a Flyer along the boards and he went down hard. Seabrook got feisty with Carter behind the Hawks net but obviously Carter was shitting his pants he was so scared. Toews with some sweet puck handling ended up being thrown to the ice by Pronger's elbow. Versteeg had a beauty of a chance but lost control of the puck and lost possession of it too. A Flyer was on his way to Niemi with no Hawks insight but Seabrook came along ended any chance he had with a hit. The Hawks weren't the only ones with the physical play, Hartnell had some beastly hits on the Hawks. Both teams were doing a great job at keeping the pucks in the zone, which kept the game at a fast pace. Buff went in for a shot and hit a loud one right off the post. Hawks went on their first penalty kill, when Hossa was sent to the box for slashing. Niemi had two big saves but failed on third. 1-0 Flyers, nothing Niemi could do on that one. Carcillo stupidly slapped Burish in the back with his stick. Refs called him for charging. Hawks go to the powerplay with about two minutes left in the first. Crowd in front of the net, Hawks scrambled to put one in but the whistle blew. Before the boys left the ice, Buff was called for roughing. Started when Toews hit a Flyer then Buff pushed him down. Wasn't the greatest time for Buff to get a penalty but he wasn't the only one involved. Flyers led by one at the end of the period and the Hawks had 5 seconds left on the pp.


Flyers started the period with a powerplay from the Buff penalty. Sopel and Hammer were tired after that one, they were out there the whole pp. Hossa and Kane helped Keith out for the Hawks first goal. Kane's first point of the series. Versteeg had a nice steal but couldn't get it to Kopecky on a 2 on 1. Carle blocked the pass. A not so happy Buff was called for slashing on Pronger. Bullshit, when moments before Pronger crosschecked Buff. The refs were just unbelievable at some points. The goal horn sounded and the red light went off but refs continued play. Looked as if Hammer might have gotten it out before crossing the line. The goal was eventually reviewed and 2-1 Flyers. They credited Pronger for the goal but it should go to Hartnell. The clock went back eleven seconds because of the goal. Another powerplay for the Hawks, Leighton called for delay of game. Versteeg was punched in the head by Hartnell, the helmet came off and all. The refs ignored it, what else is new? The surprises just kept on coming. The most unbelievable: Sopel scored! Sopel tied the game 2-2 after Madden won the face off.


Kane took the lead for the Hawks with a breakaway goal. Not enough time to celebrate, Leino came right back and tied the game. Kane took a hard hit from Pronger and once again a Hawks helmet went flying. Niemi made some really crucial saves with the go to glove. Another possible penalty that could of been called was when Carter hit Buff from behind, while he was going to the net. Hawks tried to get one in before overtime but no dice. Lots of broken sticks tonight.


Versteeg came out firing and Eager beat Pronger for icing. The horn guy got too excited again and blew it. It was clearly not a goal, puck stayed along the line. A few minutes later, Giroux made the horn sound for an overtime goal. Hawks lost game three 4-3. It's only one game so it's time to look on to game 4. Hawks haven't lost since May 9th.

Positive: The Cup can/will be won in Chicago now.

Photos and post game reactions later!

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