Friday, June 11, 2010

More on the Parade:

Two Million Fans Came Out Today!


-Kane was drunk and it was awesome.
NBCChicago: You Stay Classy, Kaner! Right Winger Celebrates at Hawks Parade

View more news videos at:

-Stanley Cup Parade: Toews and Kane

-Stanley Cup Parade: Sights & Sounds

-Blackhawks Parade: Rally begins, National Anthem

-Kris Versteeg Raps At The Chicago Blackhawks Rally

-ABC7Chicago has 12 videos to the Parade on their website, you can watch them here

-Jesse Rogers was on one of the buses and has three videos here

-I love that someone has a video of these people! This is why my day at the parade was almost ruined, I was right by them:
(They're are idiots)




  1. The video of the stupid teenage girl getting hit in the face with a water bottle... made my day =)

    Ah, you're so lucky you got to go to the parade! I'm in Canada, so only got to watch from my comp haha. But seemed amazing. Especially Kaner and his speech. Oh yeah, Versteeg's rapping too.

  2. The girl getting hit in the face was as priceless as the Kane and Versteeg speeches! Kane's had to be the best though just because he was so wasted the whole time.

  3. Oh my effing god. I watched this on a live stream and it was totally amazing! I can't believe how many people were actually there. What, two million?
    Oh and Kane wasn't THAT drunk. I mean, yeah he was drunk, everytime there was a shot of him, he was having a beer or drinking out of a champaigne bottle plus the heat and all but he was nowhere as drunk as Sopel. Kane was just in a good mood but Sopel was hammered. He didn't even seem to know where he was :D

  4. Okay, no, Kane was hammered too :D Lol it must have been fun to be there and see it all live. I didn't see the dance before and I only now watched the video :D I guess they didn't show that on CSN or maybe they did but it was only after I had to turn it off. I guess he got more and more drunk after the time went.

  5. I forgot about Sopel, he acted like he as high. It was so weird! Kane could barely stand up on stage, it was hilarious!