Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NHL Awards Rundown:

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Duncan Keith is known as a Stanley Cup Champion, an Olympic Gold Medalist, and the guy who got seven teeth knocked out.

But you can now call him a Norris Trophy Winner. He walked in with a Cup and left with a Trophy. Duncs received 1096 votes for first, while Green (831) and Doughty (662) came in second and third.

One thing Duncs is not known as is a talker but he surprised everyone by talking over the cut off music. He even cracked a joke: he told Ovie, who was sitting next to Duncs fiance, to keep his hands off. As he left the stage and went to the media room he remembered he forgot Seabs. According to @Real_ESPNLeBrun, he felt bad. It's only fitting that Duncs forgot to mention Seabs. Most award winners forget their wife or husband in their speech.


As for the rest of the show...

It started Mtv style with a performance by Snoop Dogg. Most likely confusing viewers as they turned to Versus.

Jay Mohr opened up by professing his love for the Kings and using a Lindsay Lohan joke. He even gave a little shout out to Duncs by telling people not to eat the white mints backstage because they were Duncs teeth. Clever.

Sharp and Kane were interviewed during a break. Kane had a playboy bunny on his arm, lets pretend to be surprised by that.

The Best non-Hawks part came when Bobby Ryan and Ryan Getzalf brought the funny and teamed up for a video:

Ryan: "Are you using my medal as a coaster?" Getzalf: "Sorry, I didn't recognize it. It wasn't gold."

The show really started when Sharp, Toews, Kane, Keith, Coach Q, and the Cup all came out on stage to introduce the plays of the year. Apparently, a play of the year was when Toews got demolished by a Canuck. Oops.

If there was any doubt Duncs wouldn't win, it was gone when Eddie O and Roenick were the presenters for the Norris. Eddie asked Roenick if he was going to cry and Roenick responded by saying if you had to sit with Milbury you would cry too. Classic.

NHL Awards purpose: Give out awards to great NHL players and gather the most random irrelevant celebrities give them out.


Keith's acceptance speech

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  1. Ha, Roenick! Good zinger on Milbury.

  2. I love it! Lets be honest I think we would all cry if we had to sit and listen to Milbury.