Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Number 10 on his back, Hey it's Sharp Attack!

Today on Sharp Attack!:

On the Flyers: "You start to have some dislikes for the other players on the team. It's probably a good the thing the refs came in between us because some things were being said but again I can't bring those up on this show."

On Pronger: "It was nice to see the fans getting on him. Every time he got the puck he was getting booed."

On his celebration with Kane: "He's just a little guy. He even told me on the bench that he was a little scared when he saw me coming in but I kind of slowed down before I jumped."

On Kathy trying to get his attention by lifting up her shirt: "No, they didn't do that. I would of noticed that."

On being in the paper: "There was a picture of me, I'm not sure what paper it is. It was like a side view of my face and I'm just yelling and screaming with my mouth open. I bent down to the newspaper thing there and made the same face. And my friend snapped a picture of it."

On the casting of the Blackhawks movie: "I was thinking Kaner should be, remember the movie Jerry McGuire the kid that plays in that movie."

Listen to the whole thing here

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