Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Game.

That's all the Hawks needed to win to lift the Cup and they did not disappoint.

The streets of Chicago were buzzing about the Hawks early in the day. Bars were already crowded with people staking their claim on a seat. The sidewalks were filled with various colors of Blackhawks jerseys. Little did I know what Chicago was going to be like later...

The starters: Duncs, Seabs, Kopecky, Toews, Hossa, and Niemi lined up for their last national anthem or in the case of Philly, "God bless America." It started with Toews winning the face off and ended with Toews lifting the Cup.

The in between:

The Hawks came out like it was game seven. Do or die. They produced chances for themselves with the help of Pronger visiting the box a couple times. The physical play was present for both teams. Seabrook led the Hawks in that area by making helmets fly and preventing the Flyers from scoring opportunities. Buff gave another reason why he was in the running for MVP with the Hawks first goal of the game. The story line of the series was always Hawks score, Flyers score. Flyers score, Hawks score. Well, the Hawks got their's so Hartnell went in for the Flyer's. He tied it with a powerplay goal. Hartnell was a force in this series in more ways than one, this time he gave a highstick to Hammer's face. Both teams tried making the most of their chances, Ladd on a breakaway. Niemi was swallowing up each puck that came near the net with his glove. Hard to imagine just a few months ago the Hawks had a goalie problem. Briere, his creepy mustache, and Leino all collaborated for the Flyers second goal. Sharpy put one last stake through the heart of his former team with a tying goal. Hawks ended the second with a 3-2 lead by adding a Hammer goal. To be completely honest, I thought we had it in the bag late in third. I was 100% confident. The four minute mark had just hit, four mins away from the Cup. Hartnell wanted to make sure he was left in the memories of Hawks fans or in their pants by making everyone shit themselves. He went and tied it. There is nothing like an overtime for the CUP. Most nerve racking thing to experience, then the most glorious thing to experience happened...

Kane shot at the net but it didn't look like he scored as he skated around the back of the net. The next thing I see is the Hawks mobbing each other on center ice. Patrick Kane scored the game winning goal. The Hawks won the Stanley Cup. They're the Champions.

The bar exploded. The sound of the TV was quickly muted by the playing of Chelsea Dagger. The playlist continued with We are the Champions and other classic winning songs. Then I went outside...

We drove through Lincoln Park and Wrigleyville, while people mobbed the streets and side walks. The sounds of horns, screams, and chants filled the air. Some even decided to blow off some fireworks in the middle of an intersection. Blackhawks fever was an understatement.

Now the Hawks are all over Chicago. Hopping from one bar to the next, sharing the Cup with each and every fan there. The biggest event for all has to be the parade, which starts tomorrow at 10:30 am. If you're smart you'll get there at least a couple hours early. It's going to be insane but it's going to wonderful. I will of course take tons and tons of photos, then post them here.

One last thing: 2010 Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks!

That never gets old and never will.

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