Monday, June 7, 2010

One Goal. One Game.


The celebs came out tonight for the Hawks. Vince Vaughn (of course), Jeremy Piven, Michael Jordan, the White Sox, Frank Thomas and others who weren’t cool enough to make it on TV.

But out of all the people who does NBC interview for the pre-game? Pocket size Billy Bush from Access Hollywood.

Duncan Keith got off easier than Toews during pre-game interviews. Duncs had Milbury, while Toews got face to face (literally) with Pierre.

One of the most pointless things in the world: The on ice lessons from the three dumb asses.

By the way, Doc was rocking a suede brown suit.

Buff showed off his singing skills to the camera but unfortunately no sound.

One thing that can overshadow the national anthem on TV, Seabs hair.

Lastly, we are left with the image of Pronger drinking water than spitting it out all over himself.

MJ at the game:

The National Anthem:


Buff almost got one in on a backhand steal. Shocker: Hawks got the first powerplay with a penalty on Toews. Seabrook tried out his slap-shot during the powerplay but it never became goal. He’ll make up for it later. A laid out Buff shot it wide after a collision. Hawks put the pressure on the Flyers by turning their goal into a shooting range. The Hawks went on the penalty kill for the first time on a Bolland crosscheck. A trend seemed to be happening in the series, the Hawks losing their helmets to the Flyers. Toews was hit in the head and there went his helmet. The Flyers came too close to a goal when the puck went under and around Niemi’s legs. Hartnell served Sharp a stick to the face, Hartnell got served a penalty, and the Hawks got served a powerplay. SSSSSSEEEEEEEAAAAABBBBROOOOOKKK! If you couldn’t read that or couldn’t understand why I wrote that, Seabrook got a goal. It was even sweeter than usual because it went of Pronger. Buff politely treated Leighton to a snow shower shortly after. Bolland jumped on the scoring wagon next with the Hawks second goal! Hawks were looking to get another and oh, there ya go! Versteeg for goal number three with about two mins left! Richards started getting a little feisty in front of the Hawks net and continued a conversation with Bolland until the end of the period. Hawks up 3-0 after one.


Leighton was gone to start the second. And congratulations you witnessed one of the easiest goals in history. Niemi lost the puck and defense, so Hartnell didn’t even need to shoot it in, just a tap. Kane certainly didn’t see that as a worry since he furthered the lead to 4-1! As the series goes, Flyers came back quickly after with a goal from Timonen. Buff settled the issue with Pronger by owning him in a monstrous hit. Another helmet went flying, this time it belonged to Kopecky and Hartnell did the damage. He went to the box as well as Seabrook. Niemi had the biggest save of the game with his pad on Richards. Kane and Toews had an opportunity on a 2on1 but no such luck. Kane brought out the fancy moves with a spin-o-rama and a backhand pass. Big Buff with a goal and Pronger with a penalty, the way it should be. Buff scored on the powerplay to put the Hawks up by three. Campbell got a stick to the face by Gagne but no penalty. Giroux was messing with Seabs, but Seabs took a page out of Eager’s book and just smirked at him. Fancy pants Versteeg blew a chance, when him and Buff were on a 2on1. He got too cute with the puck and didn’t shoot till he was on the side of the net. Period ends with an interview by Pierre with Buff.

Buff's hit on Pronger:


Eager and Brouwer came together for a tag team hit on a Flyer. Kane worked two Flyers by himself with some sweet stick handling. Flyers get their third goal of the game. Hossa gave everyone a scare when he was taken down from behind. As Eddie O said he went to the bench “gingerly” then he was taken to the dressing room. It’s about time someone took down a ref. No one better for the job than Buff. He went in for a hit and got a two for one. Briere got a nasty looking cut under his eye from Duncs stick at face off. Sounds of the game: Richards, nothing interesting. He’s no Burish. Richards eventually ended up on top of Niemi in the net and gave him a few pats. Pronger was hit in the face by Versteeg’s stick and drew a penalty. Bolland stepped on his physical game along the boards. Hossa slammed Coburn into the glass and Coburn started pushing Hossa around. Niemi became a beast on rebounds, he was all over them. Mr. Sexy himself scored number six for the Hawks with help from Kane! Gagne got it past a stick-less Keith and a sprawling Seabs for the Flyers last goal. Big Buff sealed the deal with lucky number seven on an empty net. He made his presence known in this one with a plus four, while Pronger was a negative five. Hawks now lead the series 3-2. You know what that means...

One goal. One game.

Eager got the puck this time:


Game 5 Stanley Cup Final on NBC was up 54 percent over last year's Game 5 & earned the best non-overtime Game 5 rating in 8yrs (source)

Chris Pronger on how he was treated by Blackhawks and their fans in Gm 5: "I'm day-to-day with hurt feelings." (source)

Kane's laughing analysis of Byfuglien's play tonight: "He got rid of [me and Toews] and that's all he needed."

Hjalmarsson: "If we play like we did tonight we have a good chance to win Wed. It's going to be the toughest game of our careers to win"

Bolland: "The first 20 minutes we were flying. We came out and played the way we normally play. You'll see the same thing Wednesday."

Chuckles from Soupy: "Our game is skating. The ice gets pretty bad, so we play our hockey for 1st 13 mins, pond hockey the rest of the way"

Madden on Byfuglien: "He enforces the law on people."

2nd best line of night: Sharp admits he DID know about line changes this a.m. "Yeah, I lied. Maybe I forgot when I was talking w/you guys."

Post-game Videos:



Photos from the game:

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