Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Preview: Hawks bring style to Philly

Blackhawks vs Flyers
7:00 pm

-Ladd made progress this morning by practicing with the team but will not play in tonight's game.

-The Hawks maybe winning but it's not thanks to the top line. Kane hopes to change that in game 3 tonight:

"Q: Do you have a sense that tonight will be the night for your line to get on the score sheet?

Kane: "I hope so, yeah. I think we still have to play better and work harder to get the puck more. When we have the puck is when we're at our best and that's when we make the most plays. That's the biggest thing with us, getting it back. I know from talking to different people and coaches throughout the years, the coaches here and people that have input, the biggest thing is we're probably trying too hard to either control the series or to make plays or to score every shift. With our line, if we let the game come to us good things should happen.""

Read more of the interview with Kane: here

-The hawks have been dominating on the road but don't look for them to rely on the past.:

Sharp: "It's a good streak, but it doesn't mean much going into Game 3. Philly is a great atmosphere to play in. It's really tough for a road team to go in there and win games, but if we are able to play the way we have on the road we should be OK."

Read more on what the Hawks don't want to talk about: here

-Jesse Rogers caught up with Eddie O for a Preview of Game 3. Check out the video: here

-Burish always knows the right thing to say.

What he had to say about Pronger and the pucks: "Whatever he wants to do with the pucks, I don't care. I'll sign him one if he wants."

Kane: "We saw him do it the first game, and I was kind of like, 'What was Pronger doing there? Eags is like, 'I don't know, I don't know.' Luckily I said it to Eags the first game so the second game he goes over and talks to him. It's good stuff, for sure. Probably get big money for those."

(if video doesn't work click link above)

-Troy Murray Previews Game 3:

-Morning Skate Videos:


Coach Q


-Also, free admission to Brookfield Zoo on Friday for anybody wearing Blackhawks apparel with the official logo. (s0urce)

-Tweets of the day:

@ChrisBottaNHL Campbell says verbal attempts to rile Niemi are useless: "Antti doesn't even know if he's in Canada or U.S. right now."

@CraigCustance Patrick Kane was asked if he's on Twitter and said no: "I didn't think I was that famous. Maybe after the season."

-By the way, the same refs will be officiating tonight's game:

-More photos from the Hawks arriving in Philly:

LETS GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!

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