Sunday, June 6, 2010

Preview: "We got to believe that its ours."-Toews

Blackhawks vs Flyers
7:00 pm


-Toews: "We've got to believe it's ours. It truly is, and we've got to find a way to go out and take it. As a team, (we have to) look at each other and find a little extra something there. We know we have got more as a team.

-Toews: "If we want it bad enough. We can get it."

-Kane: "This game is probably the most important game. We win this one we get two chances to win the Stanley Cup in Games 6 and 7. Yes, there's pressure on us but at this stage I think there's pressure on everyone."

Kane: "(Game 5) is a huge game--biggest one of the season for us and for them It's a game everyone will be watching and a game you should be pretty excited about."

-Kane: "Our team has been through too much and we're too good of a team to lose. We know if we play the way we can we should win." (source)

-Kane: "I don't want to use the word 'desperate' yet. Two terms would be 'confidence' & 'work ethic' because they outworked us last game." (source)

-Brouwer: "We put as much pressure as we want to put on ourselves. There's no room for nerves." (source)


-Suntimes: 3 Keys to Game 5


Coach Q Morning Skate

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