Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Get out your party hats and balloons!
Hawks are down to ONE game tonight with ONE goal in mind!
To bring home the CUP!

Blackhawks vs Flyers
7:00 pm

From Hawks fans to Chicago to the actual Hawks, everyone is excited for tonight's game!

Kane on his nerves:

"You try to treat it like a regular game, but it's tough because everyone knows what's at stake. It almost feels like a longer day and you're just waiting around a little bit more than usual."

"Being a young kid I just pretty much need a warm glass of milk to put me to sleep."

"I woke up at 5 o'clock and was probably up for a half-hour or 45 minutes. It's something you think about. I had a few dreams about it last night. No bad dreams."

"It's good to keep things loose out there. We have a young team and we like to have a lot of fun. We're a close group. To me, there isn't a better group to win it with."

More Hawks Talk:

Seabs on the possibility of a game seven: "It's obviously always going to creep into your mind but you want to try not to think about that stuff. You want to go out there and play the best game you can."

Coach Q: "I think that the guys just welcome the next challenge. Their concentration always seems to be in the right place. Looking and gauging everybody's demeanor today it seemed very reassuring."

1. Skate like the wind
2. Make 'em special again
3. Chip it, cycle and hit
4. Antti's answer
5. Forget about that trophy thing

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No video is more appropriate before a game than...

Hit the Ice (Stanley Cup Final 2010)

LETS GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!

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