Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Teams They Are A-Changin

We all knew it was bound to happen. It's a business. From the moment the Hawks won the Cup, the destruction of the team began. The questions of who stays and who goes have recently started to heat up.

It's going to be hard to let go to any of them. The moment they won the Cup was the moment we all became attached to every player in a indian sweater.

But like I said before it's a business. If you want to win another championship you have to have the goods. And if you want the goods you have to have the money, which brings us to the dreaded cap situation. I don't know about you but it's damn confusing.

Here are a few sites to help you understand:

Most likely you're still as confused as ever. So let's move on to the talks.

The most recent rumor (as of right now they're all rumors) is Vancouver looking at Versteeg. It's almost like making a deal with the devil or in this case the enemy. Personally, I'm not going to cry if Versteeg left, I mean I love the guy but the question is who do you love more or need more. You have to make room for those players that are a must. The names floating around: Buff, Sharp, Madden, Burish, Sopel, Versteeg, etc.

Different outlooks on the Hawks situation:

Great way to ruin a wonderful week, huh?

I think it's best to sit with your eyes closed, ears plugged, and Stanley Cup memories for the rest of the summer. Wake up before pre-season.


  1. Great article. Sad but, very sad but keep us updated!

  2. This makes me infinitely sad. Versteeg to Vancouver? No thanks. If anyone, Sopel and even Madden really. Gah I wish hockey season started tomorrow...

  3. Well, I'd rather lose Versteeg than someone consistent and a great player like Sharp.