Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Travel Day

Hawks practiced at the UC before leaving for Game 6 (source)

Some of the Hawks spoke to the media when they arrived in Philly today:


Coach Q


Pronger also spoke to the media, but wouldn't comment on the Trib poster:

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcchicago.com/video.

Other news from today:

-The Stanley Cup Champ gear was leaked onto the internet. To see the gear and read more about it go here: PuckDaddy: 2010 Stanley Cup champ gear for Blackhawks, Flyers

-Seabrook must of impressed Lance Briggs of the Chicago Bears when they filmed their commercial together:

Briggs: "My favorite is (Brent) Seabrook. You know where I come from. I'm a defensive guy. ... And he's a comical guy as well. (source)

-The Chicago Tribune put together photos of Niemi from Game 5 to make one badass time-lapse: (if video doesn't work click the Trib link)

-Jake Gyllenhaal was on Sports Center (a little old)

On Niemi: "He's really flashing the leather on that one. Look at the leg leather."

-Quote of the Day:

Sharp: "I remember being traded and thinking how weird Duncan Keith was." (source)

-Lastly, the Hawks weren't the only ones traveling...Cup makes its way to Philly

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