Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blackhawks Convention: Second City

(There are six videos, if they don't show up just reload the page)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Blackhawks Convention: Second City

Seabrook, Duncan, Sharp, and Brouwer all participated in the Second City show tonight. I was in third row to take it all in. Another hilarious performance by the guys:

(Will post videos of the skits whenever my computer decides it wants to upload them)

Will post a full recap of the whole convention once it wraps up!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Niemi Saga:

"We have 48 hours with which to accept the award or walk away from the award or trade (Niemi). It will be one of those three scenarios. It's going to depend on what the number is. We've mapped out different strategies.."

"There are numbers we have in mind that would make it easier to fit him in versus really difficult to fit him in. We're just going to have to wait and see."

"There are a lot of goaltenders on the market we're evaluating. I wouldn't be doing my job if I weren't preparing for the different outcomes that can happen."

Looks like Saturday will be the day it's all over with.
We wait.

Read this:

Christmas in July: Blackhawks Convention

It's that time of year again, the Blackhawks Convention. The worst and best weekend of the year. No matter how experienced you are with these things, you always end up hating every person you see by the end of the day. It's a given.

What you need to know for your first Convention:

-Autographs: The bigger the player, the bigger the line. A single autograph can take up your whole day, like waiting close to six hours for Toews. During your wait, you'll run into forty year old men who can get vicious for a signature or the young girls decked out in their six inch heels and tiny dress. You finally reach the end and you have your two seconds with your favorite player. This could be the greatest moment but if you're not dying for the autograph just skip the whole experience. Heard they'll be doing the wristbands this year, which is wonderful. The White Sox use the wristbands for their convention and it works perfectly. It will make everything very less stressful knowing you are guaranteed an autograph. Also, less arguments between the workers and the fans.

-Photos: Personally, I would rather have my photo taken with a player than their autograph. I think most people feel this way, which is why the lines are usually longer. An important thing is to find out the price before you get in line. You won't be too happy when you realize you have to pay $25 dollars for the photo. It also tends to be a bit of an awkward experience with the player sitting and you standing. I don't know maybe it's just me. Just make sure to have your camera on you, you never know when you might run into a player during the weekend. That's always the best.

-Panels: This is where I plan on spending my whole weekend. The panels are the best way to go. The personalities on the team always make these fun and hilarious. There's some great stories that come out of them too. The go to one is the Second City on Opening Night at 8:00 pm. It's a must. You'll probably have to skip the Opening Ceremony. Last year, the people who didn't make it into the Opening all got in line for the Second City. You can see a list of all the panels here.

-Opening Ceremony: Probably the hardest event of the weekend to get into. It starts at 5:00 pm on Friday. You most likely won't even be able to get in if you come an hour early. They shut the doors once the room is full but for some reason people still line up thinking they can get in. If you come late and see a line ignore it. Your best bet is too get a spot in front of the TV in the lobby, because once everyone in the pointless line realizes it's pointless will be dying to get in front of the TV. The TV will be showing the Opening Ceremony. If you want a spot in the Grand Ballroom get there early. When people say early in Convention terms, they mean EARLY.

-The most annoying part: The last two conventions, especially last year, were very unorganized. I'm crossing my fingers they have cleaned it up a bit. A little rundown of the layout, there are three main rooms. One is the autographs, they're all in the same room which can get a little crazy. Second is the shopping/photos, this where you can buy team memorabilia and some of the photos stages are set up here too. Third is the activity room, this is where the food is located and a bunch of other small things. The activity room is where you can go to breath, it's usually not as crowded. Now let me get to the annoying part. If you leave the autograph room, which is connected to the shopping room, you have to get back in line to get back in. That may have sounded super confusing, but if you gotta use the bathroom you're going to have to wait in a long line to get back to where you were. Remember, all of this may have changed from last year (I hope). It's just a little warning in case it hasn't.

-Food: The food they have is your basics: pizza, hot dogs, nachos, etc. The prices are little high, so you might as well just go outside the hotel. It's nice to get some fresh air and plus you have every food chain at your finger tips in the loop.

-Shopping: This is where you'll happily waste all your money. They have nice little booths set up of different stores. They sell tons of photos, clothing, and other memorabilia. It's the place to be in between autographs and panels. The prices are usually pretty good too.

-Bottom line: Long lines. Very long lines. You'll be waiting in a line for everything you do. Bring an ipod, crosswords, or a coloring book. Just something to keep you entertained and from losing your mind.

Can't really think of any other info to give you. If you have any questions just leave a comment. No matter what it's a great experience, I mean I keep coming back. It should be even better this year with them being the Stanley Cup Champions. Don't forget to have fun! Check back because I will post a run down of the whole weekend.

Some photos from last year:

Sharp at Second City

Seabs, Sharp, and Burish at Second City

Burish at Second City

Me having one of the best moments of my life

This speaks for itself

Videos from Second City:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Leddy Signs:

Defenseman Nick Leddy and the Hawks have agreed to a three-year $2.7 million contract. Hawks received Leddy back in February during the Barker trade. (source)

The Hawks and the fans are still waiting on Niemi. His arbitration hearing is this Thursday: ESPNChicago: Niemi saga to come to head this week

Hockey Hall of Fame: Stanley Cup Journal

The Month of July:

Hendry: here

Bickell: here

Boynton: here

Sharp: here

Toews: here

Fraser: here

Brouwer: here

Seabrook: here

Make sure to check back at the Stanley Cup Journal for the rest of the upcoming days.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Around the UC:

-The Hawks Convention is FRIDAY! For those of you who won't be able to make it, CSN has you covered. They will have live coverage of the event. It all starts with the Opening Ceremony this Friday at 5:00 pm. More details here. Don't forget to check back here too, I will post about my whole experience. Plus photos!

-The Hurricanes have released the logo for the 2011 All-Star game. To promote the game and the logo, they will have a 5,000 square-foot window banner. Who's on the banner? Crosby? Is that even a question. Ovechkin? Yes, seeing Ovie in that size will haunt our dreams forever. A Staal brother? Of course, they're pretty. The final player? No, not Toews but Kane: (source)

-You can check out the baby Blackhawks (Beach, Lalonde) in the Toronto Maple Leafs Rookie Tournament on September 11 at the John Labatt Centre. (source)

-Recently, Fraser talked to reporters at the Oilers' hockey camp. It was his first time meeting with the media as an Oiler: “That’s what got me to the NHL and I’m not going to change the way I play at all. I work hard every night, try to bring a little character, a little grit and a little leadership all at the same time. I’m not the most skilled guy, but I get by with a little hard work.” Read more: Fraser see similarities between Oilers, Blackhawks

-If you wanna talk about Success, lets talk about John McDonough: NewYorkTimes: From Cubs to Hawks to Champion: "McDonough’s spacious United Center office affords him a nice view of the Chicago skyline. The city is in his soul, so he’s in a good place. The closest he has come to a “Holy, um, Cow” moment was on his day with the cup. He took it home to his Edison Park neighborhood for a parade, and the joy on the faces of the people he’d grown up with validated his decision to leave the Cubs for the Blackhawks in November 2007." (Can't blame him for leaving the Cubs. Who wouldn't?)

-Training Camp Festival tickets went on sale today! Buy them here! Only five dollars.

-More from Campbell's Day:
(More photos here)

Rink Visit

Fire Station


Golf Outing

Alice Cooper

-Assistant GM Kevin Cheveldayoff brought the Cup to the Barrington Special Olympics:

Campbell's Day with the Cup:

"Hopefully I can inspire kids to work hard in hockey and achieve their goals. Strathroy is a good town to grow up in and I'm proud to say I'm from here."

Soupy celebrated with the kids during the day:

Then rocked out with Alice Cooper at night:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Around the UC:

-According to ESPNChicago, Bickell and the Hawks have agreed to a three year deal. (source)

-More from Eager's day with the Cup: “Being able to show the Cup to the kids. I remember I was young, I always loved seeing the Stanley Cup. Being able to get up close to it, in this park, was special to me. I was happy I was able to share it with a lot of people.” (Toronto Sun: Eager enjoys day with Cup/OttawaCitizen: Stanley draws crowd in Brantwood Park)

-Blackhawks Training Camp Festival will be on September 18th. Tickets go on sale July 26th at 10:00 am. Check out all the details here.

-Congrats to Jeremy Roenick, he was selected for induction into the US Hockey Hall of Fame.

-If its always been your dream to have breakfast with Toews or Hull nows your chance. You can now bid to have some eggs and bacon with Toews, Kane, Hammer, Hull, or Mikita here. The current bid for Toews is up to $3,ooo. I'm guessing the breakfast isn't from Denny's.

-One week till the convention!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jeff Taffe

We have to say goodbye to Reasoner. Ya know, Marty...
Yeah, this goodbye isn't going to be too hard.

Reasoner was traded to the Panthers for Jeff Taffe (center). It's not only going to be easy to like this deal because we didn't know him, but it clears up cap space. As Blackhawks fans we love cap space. No matter how small it is. Marty was worth 1.5 million a year, while Taffe is only 500k a year.


"Originally selected by the St. Louis Blues in the first round (30th overall) of the 2000 National Hockey League Entry Draft, Taffe has registered 21 goals and 23 assists in 174 career regular-season NHL contests over parts of seven seasons with the Phoenix Coyotes (2002-04, 2005, 2006-07), New York Rangers (2005), Pittsburgh Penguins (2007-09) and Florida (2009-10). Taffe has also notched 309 points (137G, 172A) in 389 regular-season games in the AHL with Springfield, Utah, Hartford, San Antonio, Wilkes-Barre and Rochester, as well as 21 points (6G, 15A) in 24 career AHL postseason tilts." (source)

He's a nice guy and a fighter:

Now Niemi's arbitration date is around the corner (july 29th), so is the convention (july 30th). I couldn't think of a more perfect time to announce some kind of signing.

Eager's Day:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ladd and his friend Stanley:

Mike Bolt, keeper of the Cup, got these shots in the early morning of Ladd's day.
(photos courtesy of @SunnyOnSports and @Real_ESPNLeBrun)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Around the UC: “Dreams really do come true”- Ladd

-Ladd brought the Cup to Maple Ridge a few days ago: Ladd brings Stanley Cup Home:

“This was the first place I thought to do this. Growing up, I had some great coaches all the way through with Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey ... they volunteered their time to help kids out and help me out, so I wanted to bring it back here to say thanks to them.”

Ladd on being traded:

“We all knew it was inevitable for most of us."
“Hopefully things work out in Atlanta.”

Another article on Ladd's day: Stanley Cup in Maple Ridge:

Ladd on the days after winning the Cup in Chicago:

"We honestly couldn't go anywhere in Chicago with the cup. We'd shut down streets and cars and restaurants. It was crazy."

More on Ladd going to Atlanta:

"I've played for a lot of deep teams and I haven't really been able to show what I can do. I think I can bring a lot more to the table."

-A fellow Atlanta Thrasher, Eager, will bring the Cup back to Ottawa on Thursday: Brantwood Park hero bringing home the Stanley Cup:

“He’s kind of a legend down there. People still talk about how he used to play, so it’ll be nice for him to bring it back there."

-Sharp was on Waddle & Silvy yesterday and revealed Burish will be MCing at his wedding this weekend:

"We have an MC for our wedding, so we got a teammate of mine or a former teammate now that's running the microphone all afternoon and all evening, that's Mr. Burish."

Listen to the whole interview here (he comes in at forty minutes)

-Jesse Roger's put out the Monday Mailbag yesterday:

"Best guess: What three goalies will we see in camp this season? Any chance for Jose Theodore, Marty Turco, or Tim Thomas?
Madara (Rockford, Ill.)

No way on Thomas. Makes too much money. Doubtful on Theodore because he’s just not that good. Turco is a maybe I suppose. If Niemi leaves, they’ll probably look at some veterans and he fits the Hawks style to a tee. He’d be a puck moving goalie on a puck moving team but I’m not sure he will come cheap enough. And this isnt Turco of 2004. I have a strange feeling it will be
Corey Crawford and Hannu Toivonen on opening night with a veteran in Rockford just in case. Crawford will get his chance finally. Or something close to that combination."

Read all the questions here

-Blackhawks TV was there for the Stanley Cup DVD Premiere:



Stan Bowman


-Make sure you go get yourself of a copy of the DVD if you haven't already. I am now a proud owner myself of the Stanley Cup DVD. It has already become best friends with my 2005 Sox Pride DVD.

Bolland on Fox Chicago:

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Premiere

Quick Update from the Premiere:

(Source: Chicago Tribune)
Hockey Broad also has photos that you can see here

Bowman brought good to news to the premiere of the Stanley Cup DVD: "I told (Sharp) he can relax, he's not going anywhere. He's a big part of this. He means a lot to us on the ice and off the ice."
(women all around Chicago let out a huge sigh as well as men with man crushes)

"I'll tell you one thing, we'll be ready come October and we'll have a good team."

Don't forget to purchase your very own DVD tomorrow!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Seabs: "It's been great relationship." Duncs: "I can say he's my best buddy."

Not only does this bromance bring a smile to your face but this article will too:

Around the UC:

It has been mostly quiet for the Blackhawks these days, other than the Cup being passed from player to player nothing has come up. Not much news to report:

The Winning Puck: Not lucky with the lottery? Well, $50,000 could be yours if you find the Stanley Cup winning puck. Harry Caray Restaurant Group said they will pay up to any who can track down Kane's winning goal:"Harry Caray's restaurants is putting out a $50,000 offer to buy that puck — as long as it can be authenticated as to being the actual puck." Anyone got Pronger's number? (source)

Hossa's Number One: Hossa and the Hawks are number one in the hockey world, but Hossa found his own number one. A couple days ago Hossa took the plunge and broke the hearts of women by getting married. Congrats to the happy couple! You can read all about his wedding and see more photos here (the reading part might be a little hard)

Cup to Chicagoland: The Stanley Cup will be coming back to Chicago, making stops in Bolingbrook and Lombard. On July 27th, Clint Reif (assistant equipment manager) will bring the Cup to the people of Lombard. Times and locations here. On July 26th, Tony Ommen (director of team services) will bring the Cup to Bolingbrook Golf Club. Read all the details here.

Paparazzi: You really know you've made it big when a celebrity TV channel is following you around. That's exactly what happened to Kane when he was in Hollywood for the ESPYS. It's pretty creeptastic, see it for yourself:

Have I mentioned it's a really SLOW news day...

Grand Marshal Keith Q&A:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cup Days: Brouwer, Seabrook, Keith

Seabrook's Day (personally, the greatest day):

"The thing is, you can have fun with the Stanley Cup and that's why it's the best trophy in sports."

You can see more photos of Seabs and the Cup here

Before taking the Cup around his hometown of Delta and Tsawassen, Seabs started the day off with some McDonalds breakfast. He then went on a tour all across town stopping at places like the Hospital, a school, the fire station, and a the roller derby rink. He shared the Cup with the whole town by taking photos with people and partaking in a roller hockey game. He ended the day with family and friends at the Tsawwassen Golf & Country Club.

Seabs: "Everybody wants to see it, everybody wants to be around it, they want to hold it, they want to lift it up and they want to drink out of it. Whatever it may be, I don't think that dream ever dies -- for anybody. It was always a dream as a kid and I always dreamed of scoring the winning goal in my driveway as I'm sure a million other kids do."

Seabrook's parents on his career choice as a hockey player:

Suzanne (mom): "He had goals like a lot of young hockey players and he just rolled along but we never thought that this would happen or anything. You just kind of roll along and things kind of click and come together."

Gary (dad): "I don't know if we really thought about an NHL career for him until the Canadian Hockey League was sort of looking at him and then he went relatively high in the WHL draft. It comes down to the passion he had for the game. When he got a little bit older and we saw that (passion) and then we thought maybe he'd have a chance. He was always very good, very methodical and knew how to play the game, but how can you predict this."

Keeping it in the family, Seabrook's brother Keith participated in all the festivities except one: The roller hockey game. It had a little something to do with the fact the winning team got to celebrate with the Cup:

Seabs: "I invited him to play but he doesn't want to jinx it. He wants to keep an open slate so he can look forward to winning it for real one day. I'm sure, deep down, he's pumped I won the Cup, but he's also gunning for it in another way. I can respect that."

You can read about all the happenings from Seabrook's day at NHL's Stanley Cup tour blog (scroll down) and Seabrook shares Cup with his home town

Seabrook visiting the Hospital (awww):

Seabrook's Roller Hockey Game:

You can watch more from Seabrook's day here

Keith's Day:

"The curfew is midnight … even Stanley has to sleep sometime too."

You can see more photos of Duncs and the Cup here

Keith started the day off big by receiving a key to his hometown of Penticton. Keith, being the nice he is, posed for pictures and signed autographs for all the people who showed up to his ceremony. He then kicked back at the South Okanagan Event Center for a buffet. I hope a Stanley Cup winner gets an all you can eat buffet. He ended the day more his style by relaxing on his pontoon boat with his gold medal around his neck and family, friends, and the Cup by his side.

NHL's Stanley Cup tour blog was there the whole day, read all about it here

Keith brings the Cup to his parents house:

You can watch all the events of Keith's day here

Brouwer's Day:

"Right now, all I'm worried about is celebrating the Stanley Cup.”

See more photos of Brouwer and the Cup here

Instead of Mcdonalds breakfast, Brouwer poured a nice bowl of cereal inside the Cup. Brouwer probably had the coolest entrance of all the Cup days. He and the Cup rode in to his hometown of Delta on a zamboni. After the parade, he shared the shiny silver with the kids of the North Delta hockey league. To Brouwer, the most important person he wanted to share the Cup with was his dad:

Brouwer: “My dad started tearing up. I'm glad he is able to have this time with it."

You can read more from his day here was once again filming everything that happened...

Brouwer Bring the Cup Home:

Brouwer's Cup Parade:

You can watch all the videos here

Learn more about the guy who has the Cup everday:

Where can I apply?