Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Around the UC: “Dreams really do come true”- Ladd

-Ladd brought the Cup to Maple Ridge a few days ago: Ladd brings Stanley Cup Home:

“This was the first place I thought to do this. Growing up, I had some great coaches all the way through with Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey ... they volunteered their time to help kids out and help me out, so I wanted to bring it back here to say thanks to them.”

Ladd on being traded:

“We all knew it was inevitable for most of us."
“Hopefully things work out in Atlanta.”

Another article on Ladd's day: Stanley Cup in Maple Ridge:

Ladd on the days after winning the Cup in Chicago:

"We honestly couldn't go anywhere in Chicago with the cup. We'd shut down streets and cars and restaurants. It was crazy."

More on Ladd going to Atlanta:

"I've played for a lot of deep teams and I haven't really been able to show what I can do. I think I can bring a lot more to the table."

-A fellow Atlanta Thrasher, Eager, will bring the Cup back to Ottawa on Thursday: Brantwood Park hero bringing home the Stanley Cup:

“He’s kind of a legend down there. People still talk about how he used to play, so it’ll be nice for him to bring it back there."

-Sharp was on Waddle & Silvy yesterday and revealed Burish will be MCing at his wedding this weekend:

"We have an MC for our wedding, so we got a teammate of mine or a former teammate now that's running the microphone all afternoon and all evening, that's Mr. Burish."

Listen to the whole interview here (he comes in at forty minutes)

-Jesse Roger's put out the Monday Mailbag yesterday:

"Best guess: What three goalies will we see in camp this season? Any chance for Jose Theodore, Marty Turco, or Tim Thomas?
Madara (Rockford, Ill.)

No way on Thomas. Makes too much money. Doubtful on Theodore because he’s just not that good. Turco is a maybe I suppose. If Niemi leaves, they’ll probably look at some veterans and he fits the Hawks style to a tee. He’d be a puck moving goalie on a puck moving team but I’m not sure he will come cheap enough. And this isnt Turco of 2004. I have a strange feeling it will be
Corey Crawford and Hannu Toivonen on opening night with a veteran in Rockford just in case. Crawford will get his chance finally. Or something close to that combination."

Read all the questions here

-Blackhawks TV was there for the Stanley Cup DVD Premiere:



Stan Bowman


-Make sure you go get yourself of a copy of the DVD if you haven't already. I am now a proud owner myself of the Stanley Cup DVD. It has already become best friends with my 2005 Sox Pride DVD.

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