Friday, July 9, 2010

Around the UC:

-The Cup keeps on moving:

On July 23, Campbell will bring the Cup to Strathroy: "Just to be able to share that is pretty exciting." Find out all the details of the event here

If the Versteeg videos weren't enough for you, you're in luck. See his experience with the Cup in photos here

Bickell was the next on the list to receive his day and once again the Cup was brought to a place I've never heard of, Orono. I can tell you right now I never thought I would be jealous of all these places until now: “People come up and just shake my hand, saying ‘I never shook the hand of a Stanley Cup winner.’ It’s kinda cool.” Read about "Bryan Bickell Day" here

For those of us not able to witness all these wonderful days, The Winnipeg Free Press has given us a treat. Jonathan Toews' day will be streamed live here


-Camp Day One:
Beach lived up to his expectations and opened camp with a bang by throwing a few at his roommate. When he was not fighting he was answering your tweets, which you can read here
The Committed Indians have a nice lengthy, detailed recap of the day here
For photos, you can see the Blackhawks Website's here and Hockey Broad also supplied some here

-Now on to the most dreaded part: Hjalmarsson.
As of right now, the talk seems to be Hammer or Niemi. The last thing we wanted it to come down too. I gave you the basics in the earlier post: Sharks signed Hammer to an offer sheet and the Hawks have seven days to do something about it. So we sit back at see what happens whether it's for the good or the bad.
Hammer's agent: "It always comes as a surprise when you get an offer like that, especially from a team such as San Jose. It's a great opportunity. I'm sure we'll still talk to Chicago. They do have seven days to match. At this point we haven't spoken with them in regards to the offer sheet." (source)

-Blackhawks of the South grows:
It has been made official that Torchetti will be the associate head coach of the Thrashers. This comes as no surprise and wish him luck with all the other guys that will be joining him.
Bowman: "The entire organization would like to wish John well with the Thrashers and all of his future endeavors. We appreciate all of his work during his three years on staff, including being a part of our Stanley Cup Championship team." (source)

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