Monday, July 12, 2010

Around the UC:

The Hammer Head Hawk: The Hawks received the phone call and they said screw it we're not waiting seven days. That's right, the Hawks matched the Sharks offer sheet. Hammer will keep out of the water in San Jose and stay on the ice in Chicago. He'll be battling for the Hawks and against the Sharks for the next four years. He'll also be earning a nice chuck of change, $3.5 million per year.

When will the Finnish be finished?: The date is set. Niemi's fate will be decided on July 29th, which is awfully close to the convention. Bowman: "We're still negotiating with Antti. It's a back and forth. We're trying to get it done so we'll keep at it. It's a negotiation. Both sides have their points of view so hopefully it works out."(source) It will be interesting to watch what happens with the Niemi saga especially since Hammer was signed. The Hawks are doing a great job of keeping us in suspense for the summer, Baseball is trying hard too aka the home run derby is boring. Now lets use this time to thank god that Erin Andrews does not cover the NHL.

Mike and Mike: Haviland re-signed with the Hawks. The bench will always be a little brighter with his Christmas ties. This is good news following the recent hiring of Torchetti with the Thrashers. Not only did they keep the old but they brought in the new. The Hawks hired Mike Kitchen to replace Torchetti.

Around the BC: The Cup moves West to British Columbia for Seabrook and Brouwer's day. Both will be holding private events, Brouwer on Thursday and Seabrook on Friday. You can find out more details here. The tour of BC doesn't end with those too. Fraser, Keith, and Ladd all will have their days in BC too. So who wants to go on a road trip? I'm thinking BC?

Baby Blackhawks: Kyle Beach proves that some boys at prospect camp still have some maturing to do on the ice before coming up to the big leagues. Beach got into another fight, shocker, this time with Mathis Olimb:
This fight didn't end well. Olimb now has a shoulder injury and will be out for a few months with surgery. Some say it's Beach's fault and others say it was the way Olimb hit the ice. Either way Beach needs to learn there is a fine line between being an agitator and a douchebag. He could turn all that fire he has inside into a positive and become an Adam Burish. As for the other boys, you can hear from them on Blackhawks TV here.

The Mustache and the Suit: Coach Q and Stan Bowman spoke to the media. Of course, Blackhawks TV has you covered with loads of videos. You can watch and hear them talk on a range of topics here

These are the Days: Toews' Day with the Cup is still being talked about. Also the mystery has been solved, the little girl is Toews' cousin. I obviously didn't try to hard on that one. He kept the party going with out the Cup today with golfing. He raised $100,00 for the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation. You can read all the going ons with Toews on @drosennhl. You can go on Blackhawks TV once again to find more videos from Toews' as well as Sharp's day.

The Greatest Man Ever is Back:

Coach Q's mustache had to be the inspiration.


  1. Hey Ms. Blackhawks, wanted to email you a press release and some images of the new Chicago Blackhawks Cocktail naming contest at John Hancock Observatory. Winner gets free Hawks tiks and an annual pass to the Observatory. What's your email address?

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  3. Your comments are right on about Beach. I have high hopes for this kid, but he just took out another kid with potential AND a fellow teammate. I hope we don't have a Dan Carcillo on our hands.