Sunday, July 18, 2010

Around the UC:

It has been mostly quiet for the Blackhawks these days, other than the Cup being passed from player to player nothing has come up. Not much news to report:

The Winning Puck: Not lucky with the lottery? Well, $50,000 could be yours if you find the Stanley Cup winning puck. Harry Caray Restaurant Group said they will pay up to any who can track down Kane's winning goal:"Harry Caray's restaurants is putting out a $50,000 offer to buy that puck — as long as it can be authenticated as to being the actual puck." Anyone got Pronger's number? (source)

Hossa's Number One: Hossa and the Hawks are number one in the hockey world, but Hossa found his own number one. A couple days ago Hossa took the plunge and broke the hearts of women by getting married. Congrats to the happy couple! You can read all about his wedding and see more photos here (the reading part might be a little hard)

Cup to Chicagoland: The Stanley Cup will be coming back to Chicago, making stops in Bolingbrook and Lombard. On July 27th, Clint Reif (assistant equipment manager) will bring the Cup to the people of Lombard. Times and locations here. On July 26th, Tony Ommen (director of team services) will bring the Cup to Bolingbrook Golf Club. Read all the details here.

Paparazzi: You really know you've made it big when a celebrity TV channel is following you around. That's exactly what happened to Kane when he was in Hollywood for the ESPYS. It's pretty creeptastic, see it for yourself:

Have I mentioned it's a really SLOW news day...


  1. okay, one more hossa, but these pictures are just adorable.

  2. Those photos are too cute! They make a gorgeous couple.