Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bow Down to the Captain

"You always envision it being such a big deal coming home, but you don't think people will take time and hours out of their lives to come out just to get an autograph or a picture with you. To them it means the world. That's what makes the Stanley Cup such a special thing and that's what makes you want to win it so bad, so you can share it with other people."

Yesterday, Jonathan Toews was treated like royalty in Winnipeg. Why shouldn't he be when he has a crown or should I say Cup like that. Thousands of fans came out to see Toews for his day with the Cup. One little fan got the VIP treatment and it made for some adorable photos:

No word on who the little girl actually is but looks like Johnny has a new best friend. During the rest of the day, he had the regular parade and all that but he also finalized on the lake too. But of course you can't just stop with a lake for someone like Toews. The Captain received a community center in his name too. If you ask me Canada all together should just be renamed Toews.

Even with all the craziness surrounding him, he remained humble and his classic Toews self throughout the day, while riding in a sweet car:

“Wow — I don’t know what to say. This is amazing. This is the last thing I ever expected. To me this will always be Dakota Community Club, the place where I grew up. To win the Stanley Cup in a great city like Chicago is unbelievable. It’s even better to bring it back here and share it with you guys.”

(photos from the Chicago Tribune)

More on our Captain:


Final Word:
"Thanks for everything, Jonathan,"
" Nicholas Johnson yelled, as loud as an indomitable 5-year-old can yell."


  1. It says in the Trib captions that the little girl is Madison, Jonny's cousin.

  2. holy frijole.

    I had thought the little girl was his cousin. That's what some writers or what not were saying online. And JAYSUS, his thighs look huge in photo 2. Not quite Dan Jansen-esque, but close.

  3. The little girl is his cousin! Soo cutee!!:D

  4. Thanks for clearing up the little girl mystery! I also second the thigh comment lol

  5. Madison is her name? How apropos!