Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Broken Bromance, A Ladies Man Becomes A Star, and A Giant

Bowman: "I've tried to warn our fans that this team that they've fallen in love with wasn't going to stay together."

It's was only fitting that Canada Day was shared with one of the biggest days in Hockey. The Canadians and GMs celebrated, while Hawks fans cried into their indian sweater. It started late last night with the move of Canada's very own rapper, Kris Versteeg, returning home in a Maple Leafs jersey. And it ended tonight with a monstrous d-man becoming an indian leaving behind his job as Santa's little helper with the Wild.

A Broken Bromance: "Carry me Laddy"
The first half of this man love gave his final rap and now represents the Maple Leafs in true fashion with his very own maple leaf tattoo on his back. In return the Hawks received three men with three very confusing names: Viktor Stalberg, Phillip Paradis, and Chris DiDomenco. As of right now they are just prospects but from what I've heard there is promise in Stalberg. Now will someone crank up 'Glamorous'.

Versteeg: "It's tough, but [the Leafs are] a good organization. I love Chicago so much, gonna miss it."(source)

More on Stalberg:

The second half of this man love went to the Blackhawks of the South (Thrashers). Ladd joins Buff, Sopel, and Eager in Atlanta. If there was one place to be traded to why not a team that is becoming identical to the one you were just on. I feel this is a tough loss for the Hawks but Bowman must have a plan. The Hawks got a mouth full in Ivan Vishnevskiy and the second round pick in the 2011 Draft.

Ladd: "I kind of knew it was coming the last couple of days. I had heard a lot of things, rumblings that I probably wasn't going to be around so I wasn't too surprised. You're still a little shocked that you're leaving, especially so soon after winning but it's part of the game and now you look forward to playing in Atlanta." (Chicago Tribune)

This came as surprise to most Hawks fans. Once Versteeg was traded it seemed Ladd could stay but what's done is done. Wish both luck in their new cities with their new teams. Toronto has already welcomed Versteeg by adding his American Boy video to their website. Now who wants to check tickets for a Thrashers game?

A Ladies Man Becomes A Star: Adam Burish
We all knew it was Burish's dream to become a star. He was Chicago's very own star in the media but now he has to wear it on his jersey in Dallas. He will be extremely missed in the locker room, in fights, and on Blackhawks TV. We send our regards to Sharpy.

I'm sure on Dec. 8 at the United Center the visitors bench will be quite noisy.

A Giant: SCOTT
Me and a friend first noticed Scott's monstrosity during a pre-season game last season. I have never forgotten him. This move makes me very happy. A touch from the guy and he'll have opponents skating away. (I first mentioned Scott back in January here) The big guys jokes will be endless in the upcoming season.

Enough said:

Bowman on Hammer and Niemi: “I’ve had discussions with all their agents. It’s a back and forth. No real updates per se. Things are going along as you’d expect.” (source: Hawks' cap crunch should be over)

Final word: "Our goal is to maintain our status as an elite team by having to make tough decisions. Change is part of sports, for sure, and it's part of the Blackhawks. We're not afraid of that. You have to embrace it and do your best with it. We're going to go forward with a great core of players and a group of young assets we've added to the mix. I expect to be strong for many years to come."(source: Blackhawks doing their best to embrace change)

It's hard to stay positive with all the boys leaving but we have our core. The only thing Bowman promised us.

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