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Cup Days: Brouwer, Seabrook, Keith

Seabrook's Day (personally, the greatest day):

"The thing is, you can have fun with the Stanley Cup and that's why it's the best trophy in sports."

You can see more photos of Seabs and the Cup here

Before taking the Cup around his hometown of Delta and Tsawassen, Seabs started the day off with some McDonalds breakfast. He then went on a tour all across town stopping at places like the Hospital, a school, the fire station, and a the roller derby rink. He shared the Cup with the whole town by taking photos with people and partaking in a roller hockey game. He ended the day with family and friends at the Tsawwassen Golf & Country Club.

Seabs: "Everybody wants to see it, everybody wants to be around it, they want to hold it, they want to lift it up and they want to drink out of it. Whatever it may be, I don't think that dream ever dies -- for anybody. It was always a dream as a kid and I always dreamed of scoring the winning goal in my driveway as I'm sure a million other kids do."

Seabrook's parents on his career choice as a hockey player:

Suzanne (mom): "He had goals like a lot of young hockey players and he just rolled along but we never thought that this would happen or anything. You just kind of roll along and things kind of click and come together."

Gary (dad): "I don't know if we really thought about an NHL career for him until the Canadian Hockey League was sort of looking at him and then he went relatively high in the WHL draft. It comes down to the passion he had for the game. When he got a little bit older and we saw that (passion) and then we thought maybe he'd have a chance. He was always very good, very methodical and knew how to play the game, but how can you predict this."

Keeping it in the family, Seabrook's brother Keith participated in all the festivities except one: The roller hockey game. It had a little something to do with the fact the winning team got to celebrate with the Cup:

Seabs: "I invited him to play but he doesn't want to jinx it. He wants to keep an open slate so he can look forward to winning it for real one day. I'm sure, deep down, he's pumped I won the Cup, but he's also gunning for it in another way. I can respect that."

You can read about all the happenings from Seabrook's day at NHL's Stanley Cup tour blog (scroll down) and Seabrook shares Cup with his home town

Seabrook visiting the Hospital (awww):

Seabrook's Roller Hockey Game:

You can watch more from Seabrook's day here

Keith's Day:

"The curfew is midnight … even Stanley has to sleep sometime too."

You can see more photos of Duncs and the Cup here

Keith started the day off big by receiving a key to his hometown of Penticton. Keith, being the nice he is, posed for pictures and signed autographs for all the people who showed up to his ceremony. He then kicked back at the South Okanagan Event Center for a buffet. I hope a Stanley Cup winner gets an all you can eat buffet. He ended the day more his style by relaxing on his pontoon boat with his gold medal around his neck and family, friends, and the Cup by his side.

NHL's Stanley Cup tour blog was there the whole day, read all about it here

Keith brings the Cup to his parents house:

You can watch all the events of Keith's day here

Brouwer's Day:

"Right now, all I'm worried about is celebrating the Stanley Cup.”

See more photos of Brouwer and the Cup here

Instead of Mcdonalds breakfast, Brouwer poured a nice bowl of cereal inside the Cup. Brouwer probably had the coolest entrance of all the Cup days. He and the Cup rode in to his hometown of Delta on a zamboni. After the parade, he shared the shiny silver with the kids of the North Delta hockey league. To Brouwer, the most important person he wanted to share the Cup with was his dad:

Brouwer: “My dad started tearing up. I'm glad he is able to have this time with it."

You can read more from his day here was once again filming everything that happened...

Brouwer Bring the Cup Home:

Brouwer's Cup Parade:

You can watch all the videos here

Learn more about the guy who has the Cup everday:

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