Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On the road with the Cup:

It's that time of the year when the Cup starts getting passed from player to player for the Cup days. Sopel kicked started it in grand fashion with his float in the pride parade. Hendry recently had his day and took it to his small hometown of Nokomis:

Hendry: "It's kind of crazy the attention the Stanley Cup gets. "Everywhere you take it, people always want to touch it and take photos." (source: Stanley Cup comes to Nokomis)

Hendry: "As kids when you play street hockey with your buddies or down at the rink, you always play for the fake Stanley Cup. It feels very surreal to bring the actual Stanley Cup back and share it with everyone. It's one of those things that I always dreamed of doing."

Hendry: "I don't think it really sunk in (initially) but it's starting to. I go to town and everyone's shaking my hand. Whether you know them or not, they're thanking me and congratulating me. I think it's finally setting in that I won the Stanley Cup and that it's one of the hardest trophies to win. I feel very grateful for getting the chance to do that so early in my career. Some guys play their whole careers and never even get close to it." (source: Nokomis product Jordan Hendry living the dream with Chicago Blackhawks)

Supposedly, Eager and Brouwer will have the Cup this week then pass it along to Sharp. The lucky town of Thunder Bay will have it for the third time on July 10th:

Sharp: “It‘s exciting. Everybody‘s had a chance and I‘m happy that I‘m having a chance to bring it here. It‘s pretty amazing to think it‘s been here three times already. . . . It shows I‘m not just another player in the league.”

Sharp: “Makes it tough knowing you‘re only going to have it for one day. You want to make sure everyone gets to see it, but also for your friends and family." (source: Stanley Cup on way to city)

You can read more on Sharp's day here: Sharp to bring Stanley Cup home July 10

The Cup will keep on moving and make its way to Maple Ridge with Ladd on July 18th: "It will make a few appearances in B.C. this summer, but will spend Sunday July 18th at the Cam Neely Arena at Planet Ice with Andrew Ladd."

Other Stops: "Tsawwassen with Brent Seabrook, Penticton with Duncan Keith, Surrey with Colin Fraser and in Vancouver with Troy Brouwer." (source: The Stanley Cup is coming to Maple Ridge)


  1. Thanks for this post, nice to know when the different players will be having their days with the cup.
    didnt versteeg have the cup in lethbridge sometime last week or last weekend as well?

  2. No problem and yeah just found out that Versteeg did have the cup earlier in the week.

  3. http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy/post/Plan-your-vacation-at-lovely-Lake-Jonathan-Toews?urn=nhl,254285 Lol.

    Kopecky and Hossa's day with the cup will supposedly be August 5th-august 7th. I can't go :/

  4. Yeah, I just saw the lake thing which is totally awesome! But oh no, you can't go?! I was so looking forward to hearing about you going.

  5. Yeah, it's the one weekend I have plans I can't possibly cancel. My aunt is celebrating her 60th birthday. I'll try to figure something up and maybe will be able to take a bus and go to the cup thing for a while. I'm not sure though. If it was any other weekend...I'm totally bummed about that.

  6. Aww, that sucks. Maybe you'll make it somehow!

  7. I'm a little disapointed that Fraser is taking the cup to Surrey and not making a trip to his hometown of Sicamous. Was hoping the we'd get to see in up in the Shuswap area.