Thursday, July 15, 2010

NHL Cupcakes:

Twitter delivered a tasty treat this morning, that was too deliciously funny to ignore:

@hockeenight The Matt Cooke Cupcake. One bite and it goes straight to your head. #NHLCupcakes

@hockeenight: The Brent Seabrook Cupcake-tastes like Count Chocula. #NHLCupcakes

@HawksNCanes: The Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook Cupcakes: Good separately, better together (: #NHLCupcakes

@wildiowafan: The Chicago Blackhawks Cupcake- Looks good with the cup, but breaks apart fast #NHLCupcakes

@jim_neveau: The Jack Skille: It's been in the oven for so long there's no telling if it's still good. #NHLCupcakes

@the300level: Christobal Huet cupcake. It crumbles after one bite. #NHLcupcakes

@katiepambu: Adam Burish Cupcake: Comes with free insults. #NHLCupcakes

@HockeyBroad The Brian Campbell - red velvet, but too expensive to allow buying more cupcakes #NHLCupakes

@JJfromKansas The Sean Avery Cupcake(s): The first one is really good, the 2nd one is sloppy. #NHLCupcakes

@jim_neveau: The Alex Burrows: the frosting gets stuck in your hair and just doesn't want to come out. #NHLCupcakes

@blinkfink182 The Roberto Luongo Cupcake: Made with tears. #NHLCupcake

@The1Tab The Hossa Cupcake: had the wong recipe on the first two tries, but the third was the charm #NHLCupcakes

@BlackhawksDL The Dustin Byfuglien cupcake, you'll overspend on it and 75% of the time it won't even show up. #NHLCupcakes

@DownGoesBrown: The Kris Versteeg cupcake: One embarrassingly bad wrapper. #NHLCupcakes

@HelmStNightmare The Chicago Cupcake: Now can be found in Atlanta bakeries. #NHLCupcakes

@DaveLozo The Ilya Kovalchuk Cupcake -- exclusively in LA. Or NJ. No, LA. Actually, Russia. No, NJ. Wait, LA. Yeah, LA. No. Maybe. Huh? #NHLCupcakes

@HockeyBroad: The Niklas Hjalmarsson cupcake - made of meatballs and jelly #NHLCupcakes

@mserven The Sidney Crosby cupcake. It's a Bettman recipe baked in Mario Lemieux's oven #NHLCupcakes

@blogesalming The Eklund Cupcake: Convinces you you're eating a cupcake and turns out to be urinal cake #NHLCupcakes

@the300level The Niklas Hjalmarsson cupcake -SJ tried to steal the recipe. #NHLCupcakes

@DownGoesBrown The LA Kings cupcake: Fans love it, but don't understand how the icing works. #NHLCupcakes

@hockeenight The Canadiens Cupcake-used a burning car as an oven. #NHLCupcakes

@BlackhawksDL You'll see the Pens and Caps cupcakes everywhere but Bettman is the only person who likes them. #NHLCupcakes

@JJfromKansas: The Mike Cammalleri Cupcake: Actually made of shortbread. #NHLCupcakes

@DaveLozo: The Sidney Crosby Cupcake -- it doesn't matter if you like it, it's getting crammed down your throat. #NHLCupcakes


  1. My version of the Adam Burish: Mouthy, but nothing overly offensive. Has been partially rebuilt, though.