Thursday, August 12, 2010

Around the UC:

-It's that time of year, Hawks tickets go on sale. I have a feeling it won't be easy this year. Tickets will only be available through Ticketmaster and I'm sure they'll find a way to screw you over. Tickets go on sale on Monday, August 16th at 10 am and when they mean 10 am, they mean 10 am! Opening day will be the first to go as always. Something tells me that the game vs the Thrashers will go quickly this year as well. Check out all the details and pricing here.

-Kane is next on the list to receive the Cup and his day comes today. One of the stops will include, Niagara Falls. Let's hope the Cup doesn't fall in:

-After Kane's day, the Cup comes to the Midwest for Big Buff. His day will take place in Roseau, Minnesota on Sunday. Read about all the details here:

-For those of us in Chicago, Burish's day will be close enough for a small road trip. Very tempting. Burish and the Cup will be in Madison, WI on August 18th:

-More Cup coverage:
Hockey Hall of Fame has updated their Stanley Cup Journal: Ladd, Eager, and Campbell.
Chicago Tribune has also updated their photo gallery with photos from Niemi, Hammer, and Huet's days. Check them out here.
Don't forget to follow's Stanley Cup tour blog, which will be updated during Kane's day here.

-It's official Andrew Ladd gets the award for coolest photos with the Cup.
Here's just a few of the amazing photos Fuller Edge Photography took of Ladd and the Cup:

You really NEED to check out the rest of the photos here

-Toews, Kane, and other NHL stars pick their Ultimate Hockey Team. Surprising, Toews brings the snark and the cockiness. Kane, on the other hand, doesn't even pick himself. Something they both agree on is Keith:


  1. November 6 vs. Atlanta has one thing that might be a detractor for most people: a trip to Atlanta.

    Why detractor? finding a way to GO to Atlanta. ;)

  2. Yeah, that's seems to be my biggest problem too for all the road trips lol