Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blackhawks Convention: Opening Ceremony

I finally got to experience my first opening ceremony. It was so worth it. It was filled with montages, that were paired with emotional music. The boys were all together. Had great fans around me. That shiny piece of silver also made an appearance.


-They kicked off the wait with old Blackhawks TV videos.
-Got my first picture with Tommy Hawk. He's a charmer.
-The national anthem started the ceremony. Hundreds of people stuffed into a small room and all screaming at the top of their lungs. Epic.
-Eddie O came out and introduced the legends.
-He then introduced the Stanley Cup Champions!
-Each player came out and did their own little thing with the Cup. Campbell lifted it, Sharpy hugged it, Toews kissed it, and Duncs completely ignored it.
-After the intros, they recapped the playoffs. Has to be weird for the guys watching themselves on the big screen like that in front of everybody.
-A great moment came when Kane got to set off the goal horn. He proceeded to breakout in a dance. I failed to capture it on camera.

Here are some of my photos. They're pretty craptastic. It was really dark in there:

(met up with some awesome people from twitter)

(me and tommy hawk)

(couldn't help myself with the next two)


(for some reason the only photo to show up. It was meant to be)

(the dance)

Blackhawks TV Videos:

The light


The Cup

My Videos (if videos don't show up just reload page):

National Anthem

Adorable Montage

Playoff Recap

Stanley Cup Recap

Best Montage: the footage and the music

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