Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blackhawks Convention: Saturday and Sunday

Saturday is the busiest and fullest day of the Convention. Tons of panels and autographs. We took it easy on Saturday and didn't go to any of the panels or signings. We walked around taking photos, buying souvenirs, and enjoying the atmosphere. Thought it was a tough decision on skipping the stuff I usually live for, but then I saw the lines and realized my decision was a lot easier.

Side note: if you're ever in the South Loop and are looking for a place to eat, head to Harold's Chicken Shack. Best Chicken in Chicago. May taste like you just ate a bunch of fat but it's so worth it.

Sunday, I slept. Two things you learn fast about the convention weekend is long lines and no sleep. Sunday also only went till two, so sleep won.

The Convention was great this year, just like every year. You could complain about the obvious and how it's unorganized but overall it's a fun experience. In the end, you don't remember the problems but you remember meeting your favorite player and getting the autograph you've always wanted.

-Highlights from the Convention:

Comcast SportsNet: Sights and Sounds

(CSN has a ton more coverage of the convention, check it out here)

Blackhawks TV: Beach and Lalonde sing Journey

Might as well call this the Bromantic Panel (source): Seabrook's pet peeve is Duncan and Sharp discusses Seabrook in a speedo

-Articles: Stalberg a hit with Hawks' fans (when they say Hawks fans, they actually mean every female in the Chicago area)

Chicago Blackhawks Blog live blogged all three days of the Convention:

Bowman's from today's panel: "I've tried to say this all along. You know, one guy does not make a team here. We've got a lot of great players and we're going to be ready come October to defend the Cup and we're going to work on making sure we get it right." Read more: GM on Niemi: 'one guy does not make a team'

-My Photos:

(Conn Smythe Trophy)

(Toews' name was already on the trophy)

(Norris Trophy)

(Keith's name was on his trophy also)

-Chicago Tribune Photos: here Day One Photos: here Day Two Photos: here Day Three Photos: here

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