Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Burish and Stanley in Madison:

Burish took the Cup around Madison, WI. for stops at the golf course, Blackhawk Country Club, and Badger Football practice (included a pep talk). His date with Stanley doesn't end yet. Today, they will make an appearance at the Kohl Center from 10am to noon, which is open to the public. The last stop will be the Kollege Klub, which is open for anyone over 21.


You can listen to Burish on the radio here.


-NorthwestHerald: Burish brings the Cup

Around the UC:

-The Chicago Tribune has added more photos of Buff's day (here) including one of him in a Thrashers' jersey: has collected various drunk moments of Patrick Kane, but the real issue isn't he's drunk it's the fact he's wearing Crocs:
Now if anyone needed a talking to about something it would be about wearing Crocs in a bar or anywhere for that matter. (no offense)

-Coach Q sat down with Lyons Suburban Life for a little Q&A:

"Are you looking forward to next year?
Absolutely. There are no easy games to begin with and you see how competitive the Western Conference is. We can’t be satisfied with what we achieved. That should help us be motivated to be the best we can be and a lot of the freshness of this team will help get us there."

Read the whole interview here.

-The Cup will be in Springfield this weekend with Rocky: The State Journal: Wirtz to bring Stanley to Springfield

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