Monday, August 23, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

It's hot, humid, and hockey-less.

Blackhawks news has almost been nonexistent lately.
August is slowly moving along, while we wait for October.
I long for the days of bitter Chicago cold and daily Hawks games.
Don't get me wrong, Baseball is right up there with Hockey and the White Sox battle for first will become interesting once September arrives.
But I want Hockey and I want the Hawks too.
Don't even get me started on all this football talk. Makes me sick.
We get it Favre you don't like going to training camp, just admit it.

Here's a few tidbits to tide you over.
And when I mean tide you over, I mean for only a few minutes.

This past week the final stretch of summer has begun, it's been hard.
(Damn you Columbia for starting so late!)
To make matters worse, I received a text from a friend at ISU. It was a photo of the Cup.
Vice president of business operations, Jay Blunk brought the Cup down to Normal.

Imagine having a brother who's the Captain of a Hockey team and receives every award under the sun. The bad part is that you're also a hockey player and you want some attention too.
This is usually how it goes for many athletes or any famous siblings.
This particular story is about David and Jonathan Toews.
"I'd love to play against him, and be competitive with him again. Just playing for those bragging rights. The backyard was one thing, but on that (NHL) level it would be a dream come true."
"We've always been competitive, whether it is playing golf or hockey together. I don't want my little brother to get the best of me, but I know we'll both be very proud of each other when we get the chance to play each other at that level."
Read more on their on ice rivalry:

An oldie but a goodie:
Last month Bon Jovi performed at Solider Field and showed support for the Hawks.
I'm not sure if there is anything more epic than mixing 'Livin on a Prayer' with the Hawks.

Beach and Coach Haviland made use of their summers by helping out with Habitat for Humanity:
See, Beach isn't all bad.

This is fun:

There has been an uproar in Huet world.
Rumors have started that he will sign a contract with a Swiss league team:

This is a first...

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