Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hjamlarsson's Day with the Cup:

"It's amazing to see everybody's pure happiness for me, there's no jealousy, they really mean it when they say they're happy for me."

I thought about just posting this photo and that's it.
It looks like it pretty much sums up his whole day.

Other photos that aren't quite as enthusiastic:

For Hjalmarsson, it wasn't just a day for him. It was for the whole village too:

Hammer's Dad:
"But now I truly understand that it's true. And this Cup fest here is unbelievable. Everybody in the village has worked for it, voluntarily, without wanting anything back, just out of the goodness of their hearts."

"He was celebrated, interviewed, and sung to. He got the minutes of the town council meeting from the morning where they promised to arrange ice for Niklas Hjalmarsson Hockey School in 2011. A Niklas Hjalmarsson Hockey Stipend will be founded. And when the new head coach of Team Sweden, Par Marts, asked him what he would say to an invitation to the World Championships (provided he's healthy and not in the middle of another Stanley Cup run), Hjalmarsson said, "ja, tack" -- yes, thank you -- evoking big cheers from the crowd."

You can read about the anticipation for the Cup coming to the village here: Hjalmarsson's hometown ready for Cup visit

Hammer receiving the Cup:

You can watch Hjalmarsson's whole day at NHL.com VideoCenter (click the just added button)

Also, a quick video of Huet and the Cup at the Eiffel Tower:

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