Friday, August 13, 2010

Kane and the Cup keep it classy

During Kane's day, neither him or the Cup were filled with alcohol (that we know of). Instead they warmed the hearts of Buffalo.

The day started with a photo op, Kane holding the Cup above his head with Niagara Falls in the background. The finishing touch was the HurriKane sign:
See more photos of his trip to Niagara Falls here

Mixing Kane, the Cup, and Niagara Falls with Friday the 13th is scary enough. But the real scare came when Kane was stuck on the ladder of a fire truck. He eventually came down, no worries:
(source: @drosennhl)

The 'aww' factor came when Kane visited the patients at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Basically all of the stories that came from the visit were definitely tearjerker worthy:
"It's crazy, man. Sometimes you go through tough days in life and you think the world is falling down on your shoulders, then you come here and it just makes it unbelievable. It's really hard not to get emotional. I thought it was really tough, especially kids walking around with their heads on their shoulders -- then they smile from ear to ear [when they see the Cup]. It's really crazy to see, but I'm really happy I came here." (source)
New Era and Bauer made a Patrick kane hat with the letters PK on it. The kids at Roswell Park Cancer Institute received them:
(source: @adamjahns)

More photos:
(Gorgeous photo. Talk about perfect lighting.)

(My favorite photo. There's just something about it.)

See more photos from the Chicago Tribune here



The Stanley Cup tour blog was updated throughout the day, read here.

As day turns into night, Kane is throwing a private party with the Cup. Campbell and Bowman are suppose to be in attendance.

On that note, Kane handled his day with class. As for tonight, that has yet to be determined.

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