Monday, August 2, 2010

These skates were made for walking and that's just what the Hawks will do

As you now know, the Hawks walked away from Niemi. Just like all the other recently traded players, he will always be remembered as helping win the Stanley Cup. I'm not terribly upset about the Hawks' decision, maybe it's because I didn't buy his jersey at the end of the season. Ouch. In all seriousness, Niemi had a great run for the Hawks but his run wasn't even a full season. It would have been risky to spend money on someone who hasn't truly proven himself yet. I could go on and complain how much the Hawks are going to suck, but I'm a sports optimist. The Hawks will be fine. They have one of the scariest cores in the NHL: Toews, Kane, Hossa, Seabs, Keith, Sharp, Bolland, and Campbell.

Always remember: "One guy does not make a team here."(Bowman)

For Niemi, he will become a unrestricted free agent and will most likely be picked up. With our luck he'll go to a rival team and dominate the Hawks. Either way, we wish him luck! We might randomly find ourselves at the beginning of the season screaming Niemi says no! Then we realize it's Turco.

Yes, Marty Turco from the Dallas Stars. The Hawks have signed him to a one year deal (1.3 million). The Hawks Website has some highlight videos of Turco's skills: here. Can't forget about his acting skills too:

What the world has to say about the finale to the Niemi Saga:

Next on the chopping block...Huet.

On a happier note, Toews basically made out with Sharp's dog:

"Blackhawks star Patrick Sharp telling us that on his day with the Stanley Cup he let his dog Shooter eat his breakfast and dinner out of the trophy. "He slobbered all over it and really enjoyed himself. The best part of it is that Jonathan Toews had it the next day, and before it was cleaned he was drinking beer out of it the next morning. I hope he liked how Shooter's slobber and food tasted." (source)

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