Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jonathan Toews Gets Serious with the Camera:

"JONATHAN TOEWS is a bit of a legend at only 22 years old. As captain of our beloved Blackhawks and a top player for Canada’s Olympic hockey team, he’s a well-decorated player and a pensive one as he pauses to reflect on how quickly time passes. And time passes just a little faster behind the wheels of some of the hottest sports cars around, with highly engineered watches to match. We also got the scoop on four go-to men for everything from jewelry shopping to website building. Here’s to the guys!"
Take in the rest here
Don't forget to get your copy!

Preseason: Game Five

Blackhawks sing the Blues in their 4-1 loss.

Quick Hits:

-Scoreless first, but not with out effort. Stalberg had six shots.
-Scott fights, but doesn't kill anyone by stepping on them.
-Beach fights, but doesn't kill any of his teammates.
-Ben Smith scored the Hawks first and only goal of the night off Hammer's shot.
-Perron and Oshie both scored off Turco in the second.
-Skille left the game, while holding his arm. He's day to day with an upper body injury. Can't help but feel for Skille. He's probably one of the guys who wanted a spot the most.
-While most of the guys were fighting for a spot on the Hawks, others were fighting for a spot on Rockford. I'm looking at you Cullimore.
-Blues scored one more time in the third to win 4-1 over the Hawks.

The Blackhawks will face the Penguins at the United Center with Corey Crawford in the net. (i'll be there!)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Ring

The Blackhawks received their Championship rings last night in a private event. The ring is $30,000 worth of bling and a total of 14 carats. It sparkles, it shines, and it's gorgeous. I'm sure all women are watering at the mouth with the 404 diamonds on it.
The Chicago Tribune has photos of all the angles on Toews' ring:
Read all the details on the ring here:
See the ring compared to the White Sox 2005 Championship ring:

Other articles:

The wives and girlfriends of the players received a pendant, which is equally as stunning:

Blackhawks TV filmed the ceremony:

Blackhawks TV also talked to Jonathan Toews:
See more interviews here

Chicago Breaking Sports caught the players arriving for the event in a creeptastic, paparazzi-like video:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Preseason: Game Four

Seabrook's looking good in that A. More photos here

Quick Notes from tonight's Blackhawks vs Penguins game:

-Hawks sent Jessiman back to Rockford and Rensfeldt back to Sweden.
-Brouwer, Bolland, Morin started, as well as Hammer and Campbell.
-Kane, Seabrook, and Campbell all wore an A.
-Dowell was in another fight. This time with Engelland, but no creepy heads popping through jerseys.
-Kyle Beach scored the only goal for the Hawks. He's been less than stellar this preseason.
-Alec Richards started in the net for the Hawks and Toivonen took over at the end of the game.
-Seabrook scored a goal for the Pens. He was obviously a little overexcited to start hockey again.
-Blackhawks lost -4-1.

Kane after today's loss:

Other news:

-The Blackhawks will have a private ceremony in Chicago tomorrow to receive their championship rings. Former players like Versteeg and Burish will be in attendance.

-Speaking of Kris Versteeg his name was spelled wrong on the Cup: "Kris Vertseeg."
However, they went back and fixed it. Don't worry about Versteeg though, he didn't mind: “It’s kind of funny. I may never be one of the biggest names in the game but now it’ll go down in history as one of the misspells on the Stanley Cup so I’ll take it." (source)

-Campbell isn't the only Hawks defenseman looking to improve their game, Seabrook's right there with him: "(Keith) could win (the Norris) for four or five years unless I take it from him." (watch out Duncs!)
More from Seabrook: "My play will speak for itself. I just want to do my part. Chicago is a great city; I love it here. I don't know if I'm in that role for (management) but I feel like I'm a core player."

-Check out photos of the Stanley Cup's trip from Montreal to Chicago: United flies the Stanley Cup to Chicago

-A great, quoteworthy article on the relationship between Toews and Kane from USA Today: Blackhawks cornerstones Toews, Kane contrast and click

-Another article from USA Today:

Stanley Just Got a Whole Lot Prettier:

The Cup returned to Chicago today and was spotted at O'Hare with a new wardrobe: The 2009-2010 Stanley Cup Champions!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Around the UC:

-Toews is on the cover of USA Today's special hockey edition. The paper will be on sale through October.

-Campbell hopes to step it up this season (Hawks fans hope too): "Joel said, 'Don't let them take all the accolades; take a lot for yourself, too, because you're capable of that and deserve that.' That's going to stick with me. I really would like to be more of a force and not just sit back and let Duncan and Brent do everything."

-The Blackhawks will be having a Chris Chelios Heritage Night. It was announced at Saturday's preseason game and fans didn't react so well: Puck Daddy: Blackhawks fans boo Chris Chelios Heritage Night announcement

-Versus is getting fans pumped up for the new hockey season with their new promo:

-Au Revoir: Huet is off to the Swiss National League. Speaking of departures, Evan Brophey and Jeff Taffe were assigned to the IceHogs. (source)

-Monday's Practice: Hossa
Brouwer, Hammer, and Coach Q also spoke to the media after practice: watch here

-Boynton addressed the throat slash: "It was just stupid. I was upset. He beat me up, whatever. It was a stupid play on my part and I'm paying for it". Read more: ESPNChicago: Nick Boynton sorry for slash gesture

-Hockey Love in Magazines:
Ryan Miller stepped behind the camera to shoot fellow NHL players for Hockey Fights Cancer.
There is an all hockey feature "Get Pucked Up!" in the latest issue of Maxim. It's basically 20 reasons why you should love hockey. Duncan Keith gets a shout out. The article is not up on the website yet, but here's a review.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Preseason: Game Three

Check out more photos here

The Blackhawks rebounded from Friday's loss and won against Detroit last night. Not only did they do this back at the United Center, but in front of their largest preseason crowd ever 20,553 fans.

Chelsea Dagger rang through the Madhouse with stars Hossa and Keith putting the puck in the net, as well as future stars Skille and Potulny. Keith and Seabrook were reunited and started along with Kopecky, Toews, and Hossa. Most of the regular season players made appearances tonight, including Kane and Sharp (both started with Stalberg). Turco not only took care of things on the other side of the ice, but he made a pass on Keith's powerplay goal.

Seabrook worked it in his first game this preseason with seven hits and assist. Speaking of physical play, John Scott stomped his way around the ice bullying the Wings with three hits. Skille showed the home crowd he wants to make the UC a permanent home with a goal and assist. Pisani also had two assists.

Skille's Post-game Interview:

The Hawks only have four more preseason games. Next game is Tuesday in Pittsburgh.

Before the game, the Hawks made some cuts. Assigned to the IceHogs: Bollig, Klinkhammer, Pirri, Carlsson, Danis-Pepin, Stanton, and Vishnevskiy. Released: Pavlikovsky, Tarnasky, and Brookbank. (source)

As the Hawks played hockey, the Cup watched football. Stan Bowman brought Stanley to Saturday's Notre Dame football game:

Hip Hip Huet!

Now is the time to let out two more hips! And one last Huet!
The Blackhawks have placed him on waivers.

Preseason: Game Two

Everyone's head exploded as the Blackhawks lost their second straight preseason game 3-2 to Detroit. Well, the Hawks are done this season, might as well just stop watching.

My sarcasm is at high during this time in the season. A season that hasn't even started yet.

Crawford started for the Hawks last night, as well as Bickell, Bolland, Brouwer, Leddy, and Campbell. Kopecky and Bolland both wore an A for the game with Keith and Sharp sitting out. The Red Wings took an early 2-0 lead with goals by Holmstrom and Mursak. Morin scored the first goal for the Hawks on the powerplay. Morin also assisted on a goal by Pirri in the third. Hawks ended up losing the game 3-2 with Crawford in the net the whole game. Morin continued his solid preseason start and continued to impress the Hawks too.

The Hawks face the Red Wings again tonight at the United Center. It looks like the regular season starters will have ice time in a most likely packed Madhouse. We'll finally get to see those jerseys we know and love: 7, 88, and 81 to name a few we haven't seen this year yet. And get another glimpse of Toews, Sharp, and Keith. Turco will rock his red pads in the net too.

Have fun for those of you going to the game! It starts at 7 and will be on WGN.

Morin after the game:

Check out Chicago Tribune's photos of the game: here

Side Note: Boynton has been suspended one game for his throat slash gesture in game one.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cue the Swooning

The anchors just can't control themselves.

They compare Toews' cover to Double Chin Cutler's cover. Funny, I know.
In case the girls didn't already spaz out over Toews, they mention how he prefers to stay in and play the guitar.

Toews, Keith, and Kane Interviews




Source: Blackhawks TV

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preseason: Game One

I know we're all overwhelmed with joy that hockey season is back, but we must remember it's preseason.

Highlight's from Game 1:

-Winnipeg Lovefest: It all started with young boy, in his hometown of Winnipeg, dreaming of being a hockey player. And ended with him being worshiped twenty years later. Aside from the dramatics, Toews had the first penalty of the season, which caused the crowd to erupt in boos. Not against him, but for him. He put the sprinkles and the cherry on top of the night with a goal and a stick to the crowd.

-Sexy Back: Sharp came out on to the ice like it was his last chance to make the team. No one could of whispered to him on the bench that he was a lock? Obviously, he added the sexy back to the front of his name with a goal to tie the game in the second period. God, I hope he makes the team.

-Blame The Goalie: If there is one thing Chicago loves more than bobble heads and montages it's blaming the goalie for everything. Turco started the game for the Hawks, while rocking some bright red pads. He looked good and fresh. He even stopped a goal with his head. Intentional? Maybe, maybe not. So Niemi said no. I wonder what Turco says? Get on that Pat Foley. Tampa Bay did a goal worth of damage in the first period. Cullimore didn't look too pretty on the play, but we have to blame Turco, of course. Toivonen was in the goal for the rest of the night. You won't have to worry about knowing how to spell his name or even how to say it. Judging from tonight's performance we won't be seeing much of him, unless you have IceHog tickets.

-Fight is a strong word: Boynton took the first fight of the season for the Hawks. It was a bloody one. The old man still has got a little somethin'. It didn't set the ice on fire, but it quenched my thirst for a hockey fight. As for Jake Dowell, he had a different approach. His miraculous way of coming out of his jersey:

-Bright Spots in a Dark World of IceHogs: Morin, Pisani, Makarov, and Leddy. Thought all these guys showed lots of promise. Morin had a nice pass on the Toews' goal. Makarov has been popping up all throughout training camp. Pisani and Leddy showed they can do the little things. May not make the team out of camp, but they definitely have some skills there.

-Remember: Fail a test: Blame the goalie. Shooting in Chicago: Blame the goalie. Bus is late: Blame the goalie. Wrigleyville bomb: GOALIE.

-Missing and Wanted: Kane did not play in tonight's game. Neither did Seabrook. Still waiting for the ice to explode and the bells to start ringing once Seabs and Duncs hit the ice together.

-Random: The Hawks kept the bench in the box warm for each other. Too many penalties. Toews must of been on a confidence high from seeing his recent magazine cover, because he gave some winks to the camera.

Final: 4-2 Tampa Bay

Photos from tonight's game: here Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

Next Game: Friday vs the Red Wings

Sneak Peek: Captain Fashion

Jonathan Toews is on the cover of Michigan Avenue Magazine's October issue (source)
I'm sure the guys won't let him live this one down in the locker room.

Don't forget to pick up your copy when it hits newsstands soon!
Something's telling me you won't forget to pick this one up...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


-Sharp recently made an appearance at PNC Bank's anniversary celebration. He kept up the Blackhawks recent public love for the Bears by wearing their hat. You can read all about it here: ClarendonHills: Blackhawks appearance highlights bank anniversary

-The Blackhawks have assigned six players to their junior clubs, including the Rockford IceHogs (source). They also have released Steele Boomer and Dallas Jackson. They can now start their career as a cheesy 70's cop show duo with pornstaches.

-The Blackhawks had their last practice before tomorrow's preseason opener. Toews, Keith, Sharp, Turco, and Coach Q talked after practice, which you can watch at Blackhawks TV. Toews and Sharp did a little smack talking after Toews' team won in today's scrimmage:

-"This is my friend Patrick. I'm Jon by the way.":

-Bowman did an interview with the Toronto Sun: “It was very brief, but that’s the way you want it when you’re in professional hockey — you want to have a short summer. It seems like just yesterday we were playing in Philadelphia. But it’s a good thing for our guys. They had their fun, they enjoyed the summer but in talking to them, pretty much to a man, they’re ready to play hockey again. That‘s what they love doing. I’m excited about things starting up.” Read more: Next chapter begins for 'Hawks

-Sharp shot a CSN promo with other Chicago athletes:

-BlackhawkUp ended the summer with humor. Check out their hilarious post: End Of A Short Summer

Monday, September 20, 2010

Around the UC:

Just one more day until the preseason opener in Winnipeg!
Blackhawks vs Lightning
Wednesday Sept. 22
7:00 pm (CSN)

-Kane: “If you’re thinking about the Stanley Cup now, it’s not a good thing for this team.”

-Kane: "I'm not going to be the one to say it, but I think that's kind of my job for the team - to produce points, create plays and create offense. That's definitely a number you want to hit, but you want to improve your all-around game - be on the ice in all situations and hopefully prove myself more."

-"The Hawks miniround-robin tournament produced two finalists for Tuesday’s finale. Team B led by Toews and Marty Turco went 3-1 over three days of scrimmages. They’ll take on Team A (2-2) led by Kane, Patrick Sharp, and Keith, at approximately 10 am on Tuesday at Johnny’s IceHouse West. Team C, 1-3 in the tournament, gets a consolation practice after the finale of the tournament."

-Kane: "We lost a lot of guys, but you still have those core guys who have been here for a while. The guys we did lose were more depth guys on the team."

-John Scott is a very large man. Seriously, the other guys look so tiny:
-Coach Q: "John Scott is going to bring that style of play we probably haven't had here in a while. He's an intimidating guy. We're certainly not going to be pushed around."

-Toews: ''Part of playing a professional sport or any sport at this level, you're competitive, and the mind-set is that you're never satisfied with where you're at. Personally, I want to better myself as a player and improve on things as a captain that I can do in the locker room and on the ice as well."

-Boynton: "I never unpack—I'm dead serious."

-Sharp: "Bickell is scoring every game and seems to be playing well with Kane. (Rob) Klinkhammer has been skating real hard and playing well and I always like Evan Brophey. Those are the guys who are playing well and on the back end the youngster (Nick) Leddy is doing a good job with Duncan."

-Check out HockeyBroad's photos from the Training Camp Festival here. This one is a personal favorite:

-Coach Q: “You notice him. He has good speed, wants the puck and he goes to the next really hard. He was strong a couple of years ago, too, but he needed to play. We’ll give him a good shot to see how he handles it.”
ChicagoBlackhawksBlog: Makarov Turning Heads In Camp

-Hossa after Tuesday's practice:
Hear from more players after Tuesday's practice (Hammer, Stalberg, and Crawford) at Blackhawks TV

-Campbell visits Beard School:

-Reminder: Blackhawks practice is open to the public tomorrow from 10am-1pm at Johnny's Icehouse West!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Training Camp Festival:

See more photos at the Blackhawks Gallery

The overall feeling of the Training Camp Festival: Amazement
(Unfortunately, I missed out on all the amazement)

-Skille: “I actually had to drive on the wrong side of the road to get past everybody, just so I wasn’t late. I think I yelled to somebody, ‘Hey, can I get by? I need to get to practice.’ ”

-Sharp: "I've never seen something like that in all my years of hockey, to see all the support we have from the fans. It was exciting to be out there."

-Keith: "That's what makes being part of this organization so special now. Not only is it such a great city, but the support we get from the city and our fans especially, who come in for something like this and fill a building … I don't think too many teams can say that."

-Toews: ''It's the biggest difference between him and a lot of goaltenders. I don't think there is anyone else in the league that handles the puck as well as he does. You can tell he's like Antti in a lot of ways. He's acrobatic."

-Crawford: ''I want to be a guy that's part of the team and here all year and can bring whatever the team needs. ... I think I'm ready. I want to step in and get myself in there in a bigger role.''

-Seabrook: “There was a bunch of kids that played great today. I can’t remember their names. Ask me the same question in two days and hopefully I’ll have some names for you."

-Coach Q: "I thought the second scrimmage was better. Taser had a good day. He played both games and looked like he hasn't missed a beat. Makarov had a noticeable game. He kind of picked up where he left off on Tuesday in London, when he had three goals and seemed to be around the puck a lot. You like his tenacity and quickness. He wants the puck, and it was going in for him today."

-Scott: "I don't really like it. I want to be a part of it so it's kind of annoying (with) all the Cup talk. Every day, all the questions (and) 'Oh, the Cup last year, the Cup last year.' I'm like, 'I wasn't on the team.' It's nice they won the Cup but it's time to get to work and win another one."

-Comcast SportsNet Chicago Videos:

-Blackhawks TV highlights of Training Camp:

-In ex-Blackhawks news: Niemi showed up to Sharks' practice in his Hawks helmet and pads. Apparently, his agent didn't just screw him over with contracts, but also didn't get him enough money to buy new gear. (source)

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like October...

It's beginning to look a lot like October
Everywhere you go
With skates and blue lines aglow
It's beginning to look a lot like October
Blackhawks gear in every store
But the prettiest sight to see is the Blackhawks flag that will be
On your car door

A pair of quick skating defenseman and a forward that shoots
Is the wish of Bowman and Coach Q
Teeth that will fit and hair that will glow
Is the hope of Duncs and Seabs
And Blackhawks fans can hardly wait for games to start again
It's beginning to look a lot like October
Everywhere you go
There's an ice rink at the United Center, one in Millennium Park as well
The sturdy kind that doesn't mind the big players
It's beginning to look a like October
Soon the goal horn will start
And the thing that will make it ring is the Patrick Kane that you see
Right within in center ice

(Photos of Training Camp: Chicago Tribune)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Around the UC: The Boys are back in town!

The boys are back, the ice is out, and the skates are sharpened:
It's official Blackhawks Training Camp starts this weekend!

-The equivalent to the sound of the heavenly gates opening up, hearing Bowman talk about signing Seabrook to a new contract.

You can hear more from Bowman as well as Brouwer and Coach Q at Blackhawks TV
Check out Chicago Tribune's photos of media day here

-More on Seabrook's contract: "Obviously, Brent has been a great player since we drafted him. He's been a big part of our team coming in at a young age being able to play defense in the NHL. He's obviously a great partner for [Duncan Keith]. Now that we've gotten through the crunch of the summer, we're going to start addressing that and see where it goes."

-Brian Campbell's 2nd annual benefit poker tournament tickets have gone on sale: "The Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament will take place on January 18, 2011, at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana, inside Horseshoe Casino’s premier event facility, The Venue. Last year’s event raised $100,000 in net proceeds, an impressive amount for a first year tournament. "

-Campbell: "That's our goal. Our goal is to defend. So I think that's what we're after. It's ours until somebody takes it away. And I know the guys don't want anybody to take it away from us."

-Huet will not be attending training camp: "General manager Stan Bowman said Friday he hopes to assign Huet to a team in Europe within the next few weeks."

-Kane's thoughts on the location of the missing winning puck: "I'm not sure. My guess is either [Ben] Eager or [Patrick] Sharp has it, but Sharpie won't admit it, and neither will Eags. That's my guess."

-Toews: "As far as I've heard, no one is picking us to win this year, which is something that may work in our favor. We know the challenges — the short offseason, the (personnel) changes — and we can go on and on about those things."

-Brouwer on Toews: "He's already back in the training room complaining about fitness testing scores right now, so he's back to his usual self. He wants to win as bad as anybody in that room."

-Kane: "It's crazy to think that many fans want to come out to watch a practice or watch Coach Q with a microphone and hear what he has to say. It shows how Blackhawk crazy the fans are here in Chicago. The Blackhawks are pretty popular in the city right now and I think it's cool."

-Brouwer: "On his favorite moment with the Cup: “The Cup was on the kitchen table and [my dad] looked at all the great names on the cup like Messier, Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, and said ‘Your name is going to be right there engraved forever with them and I’m so proud of you.’"

-Flickr photos (not mine):
Recent Brent Seabrook Signing (Oh no, a soul patch?)

Have Fun at Training Camp Tomorrow!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Congratulations to Coach Q on his Extension!

"It's a great city to live in, Chicago has been a great place for our family (and) the United Center has been a lot of fun. The organization has been first class. Not too many coaches are going to walk in and have a tremendous team to play in front of them."
The Best of Coach Q:

Watch Coach Q's Press Conference on Blackhawks TV

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vanity Fair Party/Media Tour:

NHL stars had a classy night out in NYC, including Kane and Keith above with Keith's Fiance and Kane's mom. Check out the rest of the NHL players looking sharp at the Vanity Fair Party here.

Toews shows off his runway walk and how much he can lift in Blackhawks TV's behind the scenes video of the NHL Media Tour. Once again Alyonka Larionov is the reporter. Her face annoys me. Also, insert joke of Dion Phaneuf getting his make up done:

Around the UC:

-“It’s something you want to play for, for yourself one day, for your team. So I had no problem not touching it.”:

-“I watched all the games at home when we were out and tried to watch them when we were on the road for playoffs, but going down there and being part of the whole celebration and the aura of it was a pretty special thing.":

-"The NFL and professional baseball are covered to death in this country, and hockey is just cooler.":

-"It's very important and it's good for the League to get exposure, to be shown and for people to hear about it. It's a good thing and a smart thing to do. I think the NHL is doing a good job by having this right now.":

-"If we can provide these young kids one moment, one hour, one day of happiness because of what this cup can bring, that's great.":

-"When you win a championship, you fall in love with all the players that you had because it was a special group of players. But it was a special group of players and it was a special time, and to say that you can just put that group back on the ice together and that'll mean another championship, that doesn't always happen.":

-"From 9:15-9:45 a.m., the Stanley Cup will be displayed on center ice. At 10:00, the first Hawks practice of the year begins. Joel Quenneville will wear a microphone as he runs his Team A squad through drills. From 10:45 to noon, Team A and Team B will scrimmage. From 12:15 to 1:30, Team B and Team C will play. At 1:45 p.m., Quenneville will run Team C through drills. Festival Day is scheduled to end at 2:30 p.m.":

-"I don't remember it that well. I was numb, that's the only word I've used. I think just the combination of being dehydrated and hungry and tired, then you lift it and it's very light and the next day you lift it and it's extremely heavy. I don't remember the exact moment that well, I remember who handed it to me (Blackhawks strength and conditioning coach Paul Goodman), but I couldn't tell you who I gave it to. I was kind of like.....just a blur."

-Photos from the Rookie Tournament: here

-Blackhawks TV has been updated with videos from the Four Feathers golf outing, the Bears game, and McDonough visiting the hospital: here