Friday, September 17, 2010

Around the UC: The Boys are back in town!

The boys are back, the ice is out, and the skates are sharpened:
It's official Blackhawks Training Camp starts this weekend!

-The equivalent to the sound of the heavenly gates opening up, hearing Bowman talk about signing Seabrook to a new contract.

You can hear more from Bowman as well as Brouwer and Coach Q at Blackhawks TV
Check out Chicago Tribune's photos of media day here

-More on Seabrook's contract: "Obviously, Brent has been a great player since we drafted him. He's been a big part of our team coming in at a young age being able to play defense in the NHL. He's obviously a great partner for [Duncan Keith]. Now that we've gotten through the crunch of the summer, we're going to start addressing that and see where it goes."

-Brian Campbell's 2nd annual benefit poker tournament tickets have gone on sale: "The Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament will take place on January 18, 2011, at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana, inside Horseshoe Casino’s premier event facility, The Venue. Last year’s event raised $100,000 in net proceeds, an impressive amount for a first year tournament. "

-Campbell: "That's our goal. Our goal is to defend. So I think that's what we're after. It's ours until somebody takes it away. And I know the guys don't want anybody to take it away from us."

-Huet will not be attending training camp: "General manager Stan Bowman said Friday he hopes to assign Huet to a team in Europe within the next few weeks."

-Kane's thoughts on the location of the missing winning puck: "I'm not sure. My guess is either [Ben] Eager or [Patrick] Sharp has it, but Sharpie won't admit it, and neither will Eags. That's my guess."

-Toews: "As far as I've heard, no one is picking us to win this year, which is something that may work in our favor. We know the challenges — the short offseason, the (personnel) changes — and we can go on and on about those things."

-Brouwer on Toews: "He's already back in the training room complaining about fitness testing scores right now, so he's back to his usual self. He wants to win as bad as anybody in that room."

-Kane: "It's crazy to think that many fans want to come out to watch a practice or watch Coach Q with a microphone and hear what he has to say. It shows how Blackhawk crazy the fans are here in Chicago. The Blackhawks are pretty popular in the city right now and I think it's cool."

-Brouwer: "On his favorite moment with the Cup: “The Cup was on the kitchen table and [my dad] looked at all the great names on the cup like Messier, Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, and said ‘Your name is going to be right there engraved forever with them and I’m so proud of you.’"

-Flickr photos (not mine):
Recent Brent Seabrook Signing (Oh no, a soul patch?)

Have Fun at Training Camp Tomorrow!

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