Sunday, September 5, 2010

Around the UC:

(source: Chicago Tribune)

-The other Chicago baseball team had their own Blackhawks day today. Duncs was there to throw out the first pitch. He had to trade in his usual Sox attire for a Cubs jersey. A little disappointing to see, but I don't think they would of let him in other wise.

Bolland was also in attendance to help Duncs sing the seventh inning stretch. And when I mean help him out, he was like the back up singer:

(source: Chicago Tribune)

Duncs talked to the Chicago Tribune "They're the best fans in the world really. The city of Chicago is a great city and everything about it is awesome.":

(source: Chicago Tribune)

-Bolland: "It would always be, 'Chicago hasn't won a Cup in how many years?' Now I can sort of turn it back on them and give it to them now." Read more on Bolland's day here: NationalPost: Stanley Cup parades through Toronto

-David Toews has switched over from North Dakota to the Western Hockey League: "I'm not expecting to come here and just waltz my way in. Anywhere you go in hockey, anything you do, you have to earn it. That's the way it is...I just had a great opportunity to come here." Read more here: OurSportsCentral: Toews impressing at camp

-Big Buff: "It's been fun. It's always exciting when you win a cup. Right away it was a good celebration and then got down in the dumps a couple weeks after with the trade." Read more here:

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