Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preseason: Game One

I know we're all overwhelmed with joy that hockey season is back, but we must remember it's preseason.

Highlight's from Game 1:

-Winnipeg Lovefest: It all started with young boy, in his hometown of Winnipeg, dreaming of being a hockey player. And ended with him being worshiped twenty years later. Aside from the dramatics, Toews had the first penalty of the season, which caused the crowd to erupt in boos. Not against him, but for him. He put the sprinkles and the cherry on top of the night with a goal and a stick to the crowd.

-Sexy Back: Sharp came out on to the ice like it was his last chance to make the team. No one could of whispered to him on the bench that he was a lock? Obviously, he added the sexy back to the front of his name with a goal to tie the game in the second period. God, I hope he makes the team.

-Blame The Goalie: If there is one thing Chicago loves more than bobble heads and montages it's blaming the goalie for everything. Turco started the game for the Hawks, while rocking some bright red pads. He looked good and fresh. He even stopped a goal with his head. Intentional? Maybe, maybe not. So Niemi said no. I wonder what Turco says? Get on that Pat Foley. Tampa Bay did a goal worth of damage in the first period. Cullimore didn't look too pretty on the play, but we have to blame Turco, of course. Toivonen was in the goal for the rest of the night. You won't have to worry about knowing how to spell his name or even how to say it. Judging from tonight's performance we won't be seeing much of him, unless you have IceHog tickets.

-Fight is a strong word: Boynton took the first fight of the season for the Hawks. It was a bloody one. The old man still has got a little somethin'. It didn't set the ice on fire, but it quenched my thirst for a hockey fight. As for Jake Dowell, he had a different approach. His miraculous way of coming out of his jersey:

-Bright Spots in a Dark World of IceHogs: Morin, Pisani, Makarov, and Leddy. Thought all these guys showed lots of promise. Morin had a nice pass on the Toews' goal. Makarov has been popping up all throughout training camp. Pisani and Leddy showed they can do the little things. May not make the team out of camp, but they definitely have some skills there.

-Remember: Fail a test: Blame the goalie. Shooting in Chicago: Blame the goalie. Bus is late: Blame the goalie. Wrigleyville bomb: GOALIE.

-Missing and Wanted: Kane did not play in tonight's game. Neither did Seabrook. Still waiting for the ice to explode and the bells to start ringing once Seabs and Duncs hit the ice together.

-Random: The Hawks kept the bench in the box warm for each other. Too many penalties. Toews must of been on a confidence high from seeing his recent magazine cover, because he gave some winks to the camera.

Final: 4-2 Tampa Bay

Photos from tonight's game: here Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

Next Game: Friday vs the Red Wings

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  1. "Sharp came out on to the ice like it was his last chance to make the team."

    Yeah... Sharp and Tazer brought it on Wed!