Saturday, September 18, 2010

Training Camp Festival:

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The overall feeling of the Training Camp Festival: Amazement
(Unfortunately, I missed out on all the amazement)

-Skille: “I actually had to drive on the wrong side of the road to get past everybody, just so I wasn’t late. I think I yelled to somebody, ‘Hey, can I get by? I need to get to practice.’ ”

-Sharp: "I've never seen something like that in all my years of hockey, to see all the support we have from the fans. It was exciting to be out there."

-Keith: "That's what makes being part of this organization so special now. Not only is it such a great city, but the support we get from the city and our fans especially, who come in for something like this and fill a building … I don't think too many teams can say that."

-Toews: ''It's the biggest difference between him and a lot of goaltenders. I don't think there is anyone else in the league that handles the puck as well as he does. You can tell he's like Antti in a lot of ways. He's acrobatic."

-Crawford: ''I want to be a guy that's part of the team and here all year and can bring whatever the team needs. ... I think I'm ready. I want to step in and get myself in there in a bigger role.''

-Seabrook: “There was a bunch of kids that played great today. I can’t remember their names. Ask me the same question in two days and hopefully I’ll have some names for you."

-Coach Q: "I thought the second scrimmage was better. Taser had a good day. He played both games and looked like he hasn't missed a beat. Makarov had a noticeable game. He kind of picked up where he left off on Tuesday in London, when he had three goals and seemed to be around the puck a lot. You like his tenacity and quickness. He wants the puck, and it was going in for him today."

-Scott: "I don't really like it. I want to be a part of it so it's kind of annoying (with) all the Cup talk. Every day, all the questions (and) 'Oh, the Cup last year, the Cup last year.' I'm like, 'I wasn't on the team.' It's nice they won the Cup but it's time to get to work and win another one."

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-Blackhawks TV highlights of Training Camp:

-In ex-Blackhawks news: Niemi showed up to Sharks' practice in his Hawks helmet and pads. Apparently, his agent didn't just screw him over with contracts, but also didn't get him enough money to buy new gear. (source)

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