Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blackhawks Halloween Weekend Recap:

Recap might be too strong of a word for this post. Remember when I said I was going to recap the last two games? Well, that never happened. I was a terrible Blackhawks fan/blogger this weekend. Let's be honest, the amount of time I watched of each game probably doesn't even add up to a whole game. I'm assuming you all know what happened and it was Halloween, so let's just call it a holiday break. Now i'll resume my role as a loyal blogger/fan tonight vs the Rangers. Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween and did their best impersonation of Coach Q's mustache or Duncan Keith's lack of teeth.

Now it's back to Hockey!

Blackhawks vs Rangers
6:00 pm

Here's a quick video of Sarah Spain interviewing the Blackhawks at Brent Seabrook's ICE Bowl and listen to Seabrook's fake nice voice. You know the voice people use when they talk to someone on the phone they don't know too well or when you run into a neighbor/family friend (everyone has a fake nice voice!):

Happy Blackhawks Halloween!

Best Halloween Costume:

Three Words: Sharp/Ice Girl

Halloween Costumes at the United Center:

Every Trick Deserves a Treat:

Oldie but a Goodie: Halloween Masks

Thanks Blackhawks TV!


The Blackhawks had a Halloween winner against the Wild. They scared 3 goals out of Backstrom and the Wild scared just 1 out of the Hawks.

Check back for a recap of the Blackhawks weekend later...


Friday, October 29, 2010

Blackhawks Scared Stupid:

The Blackhawks put on a scary performance last night against the Oilers. The Blackhawks must of had a bad case of bad luck. The "skating under ladders and walking across a black cat" bad luck. They lost to the Oilers 7-4.

More on the game later...

Around the UC:

Blackhawks vs Oilers
7:30 pm

Ben Smith was called up from Rockford. The Blackhawks welcomed Smith to the big club with three Blackhawks TV videos.
Watch here.


-Toews was on the Afternoon Saloon yesterday. You can listen to the show here (10/28)

-ChicagoBlackhawksBlog: Five Questions with Jack Skille

"Joel Quenneville is known as a coach who likes to change his lines quite often. Have you gotten used to seeing it yet?

That’s part of his job, and we as players leave those types of decisions to him. We’re all working toward the same goal, and we just try to make it work and find some chemistry. I’ve already seen that this line has some chemistry."

-Fraser will be back at the UC tonight!

On Brouwer: "We are friends, but on the ice it's business. I want to see him do well, but at the same time I don't want to see him do too well against us." ESPNChicago: Ex-Hawk Fraser has fond memories

-Blackhawks TV: Meet the New Guys

-Blackhawks TV: Blackhawks Night at the Chronicles of Cursed Haunted House

-Try not to smile in this video. Could he be any nicer?: Sopes Batman Blog
If you are not reading Sopel's blog, you should be!


Blackhawks' Halloween Plans:

The Blackhawks' discuss their Hallowwen costumes with ESPNChicago's Sarah Spain:

Best Costume: Duncan Keith as a ninja. You can tell Stalberg loves the Swedish IKEA/Meatball jokes.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mother Nature Takes It Out On God: "The Great Lakes Cyclone"

The Cyclone everyone was talking about hit Chicago last night. The aftermath is going to last about a couple of weeks:

Coach Q speaks out about the "The Great Lakes Cyclone": "It's not of serious nature, but he's likely out up to a couple weeks."

More from Coach Q: "I don't know if it was that hit. It's tough to see or say when it exactly was."

Yes, it's true. Hossa will be out for a couple of weeks. Now's the time to punch a wall or tear one of your Hawks' shirts in half, whatever helps you get through this difficult time.

(Source: Sun-Times: Marian Hossa out with upper-body injury)

More on the aftermath: CSNChicago: Hossa to miss a few weeks, won't require surgery

The meteorologists said it was going to be bad.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Bible Didn't Prepare Me For This...

Upper body injury for Hossa (God):

"Blackhawks winger Marian Hossa left Wednesday’s game against the Los Angeles Kings in the 2nd period with what Head Coach Joel Quenneville called an upper-body injury. Hossa left the Hawks’ bench after his third shift in the period, and Quenneville said that he did not know exactly how the injury occurred. Chicago went on to win the contest 3-1.

Quenneville said he did not have an estimate for how long the 31-year-old All-Star would be out of the lineup, and added that he would be re-examined Thursday." (source)

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Kings

Starters: Sharp, Toews, Skille, Hammer, and Cullimore.


1st Period:
-The fourth line scored first for the Blackhawks. Apparently, Dowell can do more than stick his head out of weird places in jersey, he can score too. His shot went off a Kings' Dman. Pisani received his first point as a Blackhawk with an assist.
-Justin Williams tied the game 1-1. Keith couldn't stop it and Turco couldn't finish it.
-Hossa called for Hooking.
-Kings outshot the Hawks 10-9.
-Play was pretty even between both teams. Blackhawks are better, but didn't show it.

Intermission: I had the joy of listening to the game on the radio. It's underrated. It's full of cheesy commercials and awkward moments. The best things in life.

-The Moment: We have Jake Dowell here. Jake how did it feel to score your first goal? "It's actually Fernando Pisani here."
It was beautifully awkward.
-The Commercial: Seabrook chooses Lemonheads and not because he gets shooting tips from the Lemonhead guy.

2nd Period:
-Stalberg with a backhander to put the Hawks on top 2-1. He scored a rebound off of Keith's shot. It was Stalberg's third goal of the season and Keith's second assist of the night.
-The Hawks got their first powerplay from a Smyth hooking. The Hawks had stepped up from earlier in the game. They put a huge amount of pressure on the Kings with great puck possession.
-The Hawks quickly received another powerplay after a slashing by Green.
-Turco, his gloves, and his reds pads were solid through two. Hawks led in goals 2-1 and shots 11-9.
-Hossa went missing during the second. I would of prayed to god, but he is god.

-Kopecky interview. Unfortunately, no mix-up.
-Another Lemonhead's commercial: Keith asked Seabrook why he was staring at the Lemonhead guy. Seabrook told Keith someone said the Lemonhead guy could talk, so he was waiting to see if his mouth moved. Why is Seabrook always stupid in his commercials?

3rd Period:
-Pisani moved to the second line with Kopecky and Brouwer.
-Some ugly shifts for the Hawks early in the period. No energy.
-More line changes with Hossa out: Kane moved to Bickell and Dowell.
-Turco the only star of the period, half way through the third.
-Boynton called for holding. This is happening too frequently.
-Not many scoring opportunities for the Hawks during the third. Couldn't beat Bernier.
-Speaking of scoring, Sharp scored all on his own for his 9th goal of the season.
-Hammer got a puck to the elbow. Went off the ice in pain.

Hawks win 3-1! Definitely, not their best game, but a win is a win. Big thanks to Turco!

1. Dowell
2. Stalberg
3. Turco

No word on Hossa, yet...

Hawks vs Kings

The Blackhawks are back at the United Center tonight after a four day break. It's been too long.

Blackhawks vs Kings
7:00 pm

The Blackhawks will be without their 'enforcer', John Scott, which means the only difference will be is you not cursing or complaining about Scott.

There comes a time in your life when you'll be happy Hendry is in the line-up. That time is now.

Pregame Read:
Chicago Blackhawks will debut four new lines versus the Los Angeles Kings Wednesday

Pregame Video:


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The Blackhawks were back on the ice today for practice. Turco will start in the net tomorrow against the Kings.

Coach Q shook up today's lines. Most noticeable differences: Skille on the top line and Kane moved to the 3rd line. Also, Kopecky is back after missing Saturday's game.


According to Coach Q, Soupy could return this weekend against Minnesota or New York. Cross your fingers and eat your Campbell's.

The Blackhawks' Illinois license plate was unveiled today. Check it out here.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Around the UC:

-"The Cup will be on display from 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday at Elite Fitness & Gym, 800 Hillgrove Ave. in Western Springs. The suggested donation of $5 a person (cash or check) will go directly to the Mueller Family Fund."
ChicagoTribune: Stanley Cup in Western Springs to raise funds for girl with leukemia

-"Tuesday afternoon the Chicago Blackhawks and Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White will unveil a new Blackhawks permanent Illinois license place. Hockey Hall of Famer and Blackhawks Ambassador Bobby Hull and three-time NHL All-Star Marty Turco will be on hand at the James R. Thompson Center when the license plate is made public." Blackhawks, State of Illinois to unveil Blackhawks license plate

-"The Blackhawks' Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews hung out at Cuvee on Saturday."
ChicagoTribune: Good Charlotte's Joel and Benji Madden talk about new album Cardiology

-Cullimore on Seabrook, Keith, and Sharp: ''It's good to see them come into their own and take the reins. I have to undo their skates now and tape their sticks. All that stuff.''
Sun-Times: Cullimore very proud of his 'kids'

-"9) The MVP: It's a tough call between numbers 81 and 10, but Hossa gets the slight nod because his first seven games were simply out of this world. He's admittedly playing more relaxed than ever after finally winning the Cup, and until a couple games ago he was simply finishing all his scoring chances. Hearing a world class player talk of playing with less pressure and more confidence emphasizes that the mental part of the game always plays a part. See Cristobal Huet or even Troy Brouwer for evidence in the other direction. A confident, relaxed Hossa with this skill and skating ability should produce an 80-point season, easy."
ESPNChicago: 10-game assessment: Sharp on a roll

-Coach Q: ''One thing about Bolland's line is that you're comfortable with them against anyone. Offensively, we're looking for some production there. ... That line, offensively, we'd like to have some reliable scoring. They're allowed to score. We want them to score, not just check. At the same time, they're doing what they have to do.''
Sun-Times: Hawks' Bolland not at his best

-Toews: “We only have ourselves to blame. I don't think we got beat by better teams. We got beat by good teams, but it's just up to us to find the way to play to win those games.”
DailyHerald: Some concerns for Blackhawks to address

-"Evan Brophey The Chicago Blackhawks have assigned forward Evan Brophey to the American Hockey League’s Rockford IceHogs." Blackhawks assign Evan Brophey to Rockford

-According to @adamjahns, Colin Fraser's wife gave birth to a son. His name, Calder Blake Fraser. Calder Memorial Trophy. Coincidence? I think not.

-Photos from @GinaRS's Flickr of Brent Seabrook's ICE Bowl here

-Hockey Broad also has a photo from Seabroook's bowling event here.
You should check out all of her great photos too here.

Non-Hawks' News:

-Versteeg on the Ring Ceremony: "It did feel a little weird. It was just me and Adam Burish who came back. They were all talking about getting ready to defend their Cup, and they were giving their whole "rah rah" speech, and me and Burish were just sitting in the background laughing, saying, "Yeah, let's get em!""

Verseeg: "I was thinking in those first few seconds, "If we end up somehow losing and I chucked my gloves off like I won the Stanley Cup, I am gonna kill Patrick Kane.""

Read the rest of Versteeg's interview: Going 1-on-1 with the Maple Leafs' Kris Versteeg

-"With that, we thought about some other apologies we'd like to see from previous hockey video game players. Such as ... James Wisniewski(notes) from "NHL 2K11": "Sorry I showed you where to stick your Wii-mote."'
PuckDaddy: After Burish's hockey video game apology, others we'd like to see

-Ovechkin:"If you compare Russia and America, they are two different worlds. People, cars, clothes. Girls' figures. Especially girls' figures. Why do you think that is, that when an American goes to Russia for a week, he stays for two extra weeks? Girls! And when a Russian goes to America for a week, he leaves in five days. I'm serious! There's a statistic! Ask any American about Russia. You know what they'll say."
GQ: Michael Idov Talks to Alexander Ovechkin

Bauer Hockey: Toews and Kane

Photos from Bauer Hockey's Photo Shoot with Toews and Kane:

See all of the photos here

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bowling with the Blackhawks

Brent Seabrook's 3rd annual Celebrity ICE Bowl was held yesterday:

Seabrook: “We’ve got to remember how good our parents were for us, how they gave us the opportunity to play and do our thing. Some kids who don’t get the opportunity so it’s just nice to give back. I think all the guys realize that. It’s a cool event and the ICE program’s done a lot for the kids in this community.” (source: Blackhawks hit the lanes at Celebrity "ICE" Bowl)


Recap of Blackhawks' Recaps:

The Blackhawks were winning and then the Blackhawks were not winning and then the Blackhawks lost. The end. I missed the game last night, so I gathered up some recaps to quench your Blackhawks thirst:

-ESPNChicago: Big-time line had fantastic start

-DailyHerald: Blue Jackets edge Blackhawks 3-2

-Sun-Times: Hawks let one slip away

-ChicagoTribune: Blackhawks lose second straight

-ComcastSportsNet: Major penalty turns tide, Hawks fail to hold lead Blue Jackets 3, Blackhawks 2

-BlackhawksDownLow: At Least We Have Four Days Off

-SecondCityHockey: You Can Lose It So Quick

-HockeeNight: Hawks 2, Blue Jackets 3

-Toews was not amused:

I'll throw this in for good measure:
-ChicagoTribune: Hawks' Seabrook stepping up It's all in the first line: "Brent Seabrook is off to the kind of start that soon could have his named affixed to those residing in the top tier of NHL defensemen."

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photos of the Game:

Is Danica Patrick a little person or are Toews and Brewer giants?:


Don't mess with the Slovakian Bromance:


Around the UC:

-Jonathan Toews is in the new issue of Men's Health Magazine.
You can read the article here.

-Keith: ''It's important. For us, they're friends, and it was for a great cause. Policemen do a lot for us. They put their lives on the line basically every day. For us, to spend four or five hours on one of our nights off for one of their benefits was not a big deal at all.''
-Sun-Times: Bolland, Keith humbled by benefit for fallen officers

-Bauer Hockey's one on one interview with Jonathan Toews.
Watch it here.

-Boynton: "I played for a coach in Anaheim that told me I wasn't good enough to play in the NHL. I wasn't given an opportunity to do anything there, so when somebody feels like that about you and they are not going to change their mind no matter what you do, it's tough."
ESPNChicago: Boynton is mix of careful and fearless

Ex-Blackhawks News:
-Sopel posted a photo on his twitter yesterday of the guys receiving their Championship Rings:

-Sopel shares a blog with his wife: Life of a Hockey Widow
Yesterday's post was a video with big Buff, which you can watch here.

-Niemi: “But I think it’s good here. My goal was to get to as good a team as possible and it couldn’t have happened any better for me. This is a great organization that is aiming really high and it’s a good place to be.”
SlamSports: Niemi happy to land as Shark Burish Responds To A Fan's Feedback : The actual email: "I was recently playing a game of EA Sports NHL 11. I was down by one goal against my friend, I was on a 2 on 0 and was impeded by #16 Adam Burish, and was unable to acheive a scoring opportunity, I ask that Adam Burish publicly apologizes to me for he had cost me that game of NHL 11. Thank you for you cooperation during this crisis."
Burish's Response:

Friday, October 22, 2010

At Least Seabrook Scored...

More photos here


The Hawks and Blues were back and forth all through the first. It was as if they were jogging up and down a basketball court with the amount of times they went up and down the ice. Turco has continued to impress over his last few starts and once again kept the Hawks in the game. He was getting no help from the defense. Keith looked a little off in the beginning. However, he was left bromance-less on a 3 on 1, which caused Eddie O to say about ten 'active sticks.' The period was fast paced, but the Hawks lacked in something. Even a fight caused a yawn attack, but you can't expect much from Dowell. He fought against Crombeen and hasn't improved at all in fighting. The Blues' physical play was up a notch, especially on Skille. He was hit hard twice along the boards. Perron scored first for the Blues after Boynton failed to clear the puck and Keith had a bad bounce. Hawks received the first powerplay late in the period. Leave it to Mr. Handsome himself, Sharp, to get the Hawks back in the game with a pp goal. The first period ended with a 1-1 tie.


Great stops by Turco to start off the second, one with the glove and one between the legs. Foley and Eddie O steered away from the game for a few minutes. They began talking about what player's names would be if spelled backwards. Foley also snuck in a Harry Caray impression. It was quite entertaining. Next, Skille got called for tripping when he clearly fell and got tangled up. The officiating was questionable. Welcome Perron to the Blackhawks' Killers club. He had his second goal of the night and his fourth against the Hawks this season. Again, Boynton wasn't too hot for the Hawks on that goal. SSSSEEEAABBRROOKK! Brent Seabrook was the second period hero with a slapshot to tie the game 2-2. What happened next was the kind of moment where you have to rub your eyes to make sure it's actually happening. Scott finally fought vs Winchester. For a second, I thought his only talent was managing to be the biggest guy on the ice, but the least noticeable. The fight itself wasn't mind blowing, but the fact that he finally did it was. It's a step in the right direction.


A scoring opportunity came when Sharp and Kane had a breakaway, but no goal. Another opportunity came between Hossa and Toews, then a scuffle broke out. Blues attacked Kopecky, which is a big no no with Hossa on the ice. Hossa went into protection mode. There's no breaking that hardcore Slovakian bromance. Seabrook was called for delay of the game at the end of the period, not the smartest move in the world. St. Louis scored to cap off their 4-2 win. Game ended with Hossa in the box for tripping. Not a great game for the Hawks all around. Hawks play against the Blue Jackets tomorrow night at the United Center!

Brent Seabrook's Celebrity Ice Bowl

Brent Seabrook's annual bowling event is this Sunday!

Confirmed Players:

Brent Seabrook
Jonathan Toews
Duncan Keith
Dave Bolland
Niklas Hjalmarsson
Jordan Hendry
Viktor Stalberg
Jack Skille
Bryan Bickell
Nick Boynton
Jake Dowell
John Scott

You can still get tickets here:

I went last year and it's a great event. It's a little overcrowded at times, which is expected. You can still get a glimpse of your favorite player's bowling skills.

Some of my photos from last year:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Number 10 on his back, Hey it's Sharp Attack!

Today on Sharp Attack!:

On Swedes shopping at Ikea: "I tried to get ahold of Hjalmarrson last year. I was calling Ikea to try and find out what isle he's in."

On who needs to visit the mental skills coach the most: "Well, Duncan is a little different." "He's got a pretty good relationship with him"

On who needs to visit the mental skills coach out of the new guys: "Maybe this Jack Skille character. We can't get him to shut his mouth in the locker room." "He just talks about everything and everything."

On Stalberg: "All he wants to eat is those swedish meatballs too."

On Kane calling his mom when he was sick: "He probably didn't have to call far. Maybe just to the other room to get ahold of his mom."

On Kopecky: "He loses his helmet like two to three times a game. I don't know if he thinks he has a cool hair or if he's a good looking guy or what."

Listen to the whole segment here

Quick Quote from Stalberg's Interview: "Yeah, I go to Ikea everyday. I hangout there everyday, obviously. All Swedes do."

Listen to Stalberg's interview from a few days ago here

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

World Peace

1st period:
-Hockey Fight's Cancer Night at the United Center. Toews gave his stick away to the kid who dropped the puck.
-Stalberg back in the line-up. Scott still in the line-up. Hendry scratched.
-Scary Facts: Cullimore paired up with Scott.
-Puck possession was huge for the Hawks early in the period.
-The Canucks had a lot of opportunities, but once again Turco kept the Hawks in the game. Three terrific saves in row.
-Brouwer had a hard hit against him. He was hurting, but he's a hockey play so what did he do? He got right back out on the ice.
-Hossa had a smooth swoop to take away the puck from a Canuck at center ice. A move only god could make.
-Stalberg showed his speed throughout the first period, then showed his scoring skills. After a pass from Dowell, Stalberg scored with a little over 30 seconds left in the first. Can't say enough good things about the fourth line.
-Every time I heard Alberts' name, I thought of this photo. Good times.
-Scoring Chances:
*Toews looked for the puck after Keith's wrister to the net.
*Boynton with a long pass to Toews. He went off the post.
*Hossa with good speed down the line, but missed Toews.
*Skille with a wrap around the net. He's due for a goal.

2nd Period:
-Ozzie Guillen sat on the glass. Nothing better than when the White Sox and Blackhawks collide.
-Hawks powerplay. First penalty of the game. Hawks vs Canucks and a penalty doesn't come till the 2nd? I'm shocked too.
-Badass moment that wasn't performed by Hossa: Turco came flying out of the goal. Not just a little bit out of the comfort zone, but full blown almost to center ice. He broke up a breakaway. And got called for tripping. It was awesome! If this was Huet in the net, I would be saying he needs to clean his pants. But with Turco in the net, you gotta clean your own pants.
-Keith called for Highsticking with about 25 seconds left in the 2nd.
-Scoring Chances:
*Sharp, Seabrook, and Kane all over the net early in the second. Sharp wanted one badly there, but Luongo was not the Luongo from last night.
*Bolland tried a hack at Luongo next.
*Boynton's shot was redirected. He's been on his game ever since that 'scandal' came out about him and Jen Patterson. Just saying.
*Hossa and Bolland had a 2 on 1.
*Seabrook had shot and Kopecky was called for interference during it. Bullshit call.
*Sharp misses the opportunity to pass on a 2 on 1. He was clearly pushed down by a Canuck.
*Skille with a fancy move to provide Stalberg with a second scoring chance. Skille has transformed this year. He's got skill.

3rd Period:
-A Sedin Sister used it's witch craft to get the puck past Seabrook and Turco to tie the game. Need a Halloween Costume? There ya go! The Sedin Sisters. Creepy? Check.
-Kesler and Hammer collide. Kesler for slashing. Hammer for holding. 4 on 4.
-Bolland drew a slashing penalty after he received a beauty of a pass from Seabrook. 4 on 3.
-In the final minutes of the game, Bieska pushed Toews. Stupid? Yes, but Hawks didn't take advantage.
Scoring Chances:
*Sharp hit a shot off the post, which hit Toews in the mouth. Fat lip, no goal.
*Four Words: Hossa. Breakaway. Jesus Christ. The Sedin Sister's must of had their witch craft guarding the goal, because their is no way Luongo can block the power of Hossa.

Full of nerveracking moments.

Only Canuck that mattered: Samuelsson-MISS

Hawks Win 2-1 in a Shootout! That is now four in a row for the Hawks!

Number One Star: Turco! "@unitedcenter: Turco says he loves you guys and he loves playing here" He's a keeper!

Post-Game Thoughts:
-Each game the Hawks win in a row, we get a little closer to world peace.
-Seabrook's 400th game and the Hawks 4th win. No it's not a coincidence.

Post-Game Reactions:


Coach Q

Kris Versteeg's Stanley Cup Experience:


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Around the UC:

Tomorrow Night:
Blackhawks vs Canucks
8:00 pm
Turco gets the start in the net.

-Kopecky: "I'm going to try, but it's hard to replace [Byfuglien]. Hopefully, it's going to work out."
ESPNChicago: No Buff, so Kopecky will meet Luongo

-Hossa: "Sharpie's the sniper. He knows how to put the puck in the net. It's fun just watching him when he's skating around at the right time and the right spot. That's what good snipers do."
Chicago Breaking Sports: Sharp savoring red-hot start for Blackhawks

-Dale Tallon received his Stanley Cup ring today on his birthday: "It's pretty big. My right arm will be pretty tired after the day but it's not about the ring, it's about what it stands for." Tallon's Special Birthday Gift

-The Sun-Times put together a complete list of where the Stanley Cup has been all summer:
Sun-Times: Where in the world has Stanley been? It's time to say goodbye to Stanley. See you again in June!

-Tomorrow is "Hockey Fights Cancer Night" at the United Center. Read more here.

-This what you get when you say, this picture is just asking for a caption. Absolutely brilliant:

Captions by @palindrome713

-The new Versus campaign in Chicago to kick off the new hockey season:

-Photos from last night's game:

Photos by Corie Jean Walsh. Check out her blog and more photos from the game here

-Toews and Sharp after today's practice:

Monday, October 18, 2010

The 8th Wonder of the World

(Photos: here and here)

There are certain things in life that need to be seen right in front of your eyes.
I was a witness to three of those things today:
-The 8th wonder of the world, Hossa
-Sharp's "hot stick"
-Hawks overtime winner

Thanks to the Blackhawks' $20 dollar student offer an hour before the game, I sat row 7 behind the goal in the 100 level. It was glorious. I knew there was a good reason I went to college, cheap Hawks' tickets.

The Blackhawks won in overtime 3-2. It played out like a storybook ending:

-Tensions were high in the game. Kopecky's was getting colorful with several Blues' players and Toews got in a little scuffle himself. BIckell was the only one to act on his frustrations. He successfully pulled the jersey over Backes' head. He walked away from the fight with a little blood on his forehead and went straight to the box
-Turco was flopping all over place, but managed to make the saves and keep them in the game. His arms and legs looked like they were made of rubber.
-Was it just me or was Kopecky everywhere but on his skates tonight?
-Toews got raped by Backes at one point. The proof is in the pictures: 33, 29, 28
-The Blues had control over the Hawks in the first and second period with Halak being solid in the net. They also had a 2-0 lead.
-Seabrook with a shot to the corner of net and Hossa was waiting there like an angel in the outfield to tap it in. Props to Turco for the pass to Seabrook. This was the goal to start it all for the Hawks.
-With the game coming to an end and the Hawks still down by one Hossa thought why not just finish what I started? A couple minutes later, he tied the game. Watching the artwork Hossa displays on the ice is a truly a beautiful thing.
-OT: Kane must be the Blues' type since they didn't see Mr. Handsome himself over by the net. Kane with the pass to Sharp and the next thing you know Sharp's skating by the glass with arms spread out looking like Jesus.
-Hossa leads the league in points and that was Sharp's third game winning goal IN A ROW.
-If Sharp is Jesus, then Hossa is god: “Sharpie told me, ‘A good scorer, the puck finds you’." (source)

Check back later for the photos from the game.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Recap of the Blackhawks Winning Weekend:

Friday vs the Blue Jackets:

-The Weekend of Sharp got kick started friday with two great goals. He missed his opportunity for a hat trick on a breakaway, but we still think he's handsome anyway. Two games after he came back from his 'injury' he seemed to blend in with the ice, but he made himself known with 13 shots.

-The Slovakian Bromance both had goals and an assist.

-Stalberg had his first goal of the season. The Hogs + a Swede line (Skille, Dowell, Stalberg) continued their recent stellar performances.

-I'm not even going to mention that Cullimore was decent, because he went right back to his normal self on Saturday.

-The Hawks dominated without the help of Kane, Hammer, and Soupy. Turco looked better than his first two starts. Overall an awesome 5-2 win for the Hawks.

Saturday vs the Sabres:

-Kane returned to game after being out with an "illness." Now is the time to let out all your overplayed jokes that he was hungover or got an STD. Please, if you have an original one let me know. He started off with an assist on a 2-on-1 breakaway with Sharp in the first period. He paired up with Sharp again in the 3rd period for Sharp's second goal.

-Hammer also returned from his suspension. The Sabres tried to put the fear in Hammer before the game, but it was just a few hits here and there. Basically all talk.

-Sharp took 'Sharp Attack' literally this weekend. He continued his attack on the opposing goalies with another two goals. Like Hossa said he's got a "hot stick."

-It looked as if Keith had a goal in the first period, but the refs called interference. Apparently, Lalime couldn't do his job after Kopecky was pushed into him. Coach Q was livid and his mustache turned a shade of red.

-Sharp and Hossa received first and second star. For the third star, it SHOULD of gone to Seabrook for his two great passes. One pass lead to goal by Hossa. I might be biased, but not everyone can make passes like that.

-The real Cullimore showed up last night, which means he just sucked. Speaking of sucking, Scott has showed he is just a tall guy who sucks at being tall.

-Bolland (he still plays for the team?) scored in the third with help from Duncbrook. Turco not only saved goals, but he saved the Hawks in this one. The Blackhawks beat the Sabres 4-3.

Around the UC:

-To everyone's surprise, Nick Leddy was sent to Rockford today. I personally thought he was growing with each game. He obviously still has a lot of developing to do and it's better he does it in Rockford rather than the bigger spotlight. The cap might have something to do with it too. Now is the time to go see a IceHogs' game, great talent down there.

-The other half of the Slovakian Bromance Kopecky:
Chicago Tribune: Hawks winger off to surprisingly good start
Northwest Herald: Kopecky having fun on Hawks' top line

-Blackhawks drama: Supposedly, CSN reporter Jen Patterson was fired for dating Nick Boynton. It's not only embarrassing that she got fired for dating a player, but it's more embarrassing that it was Boynton. (source)

-Brouwer: "It's definitely not the start I wanted. I wasn't good enough in camp or exhibitions. That's why I'm in the situation I'm in right now (playing time). Once you're in a situation like this, it's tough to work your way out of it. I'm just working hard and trying to do the right things and not squeeze my stick too tight. Hopefully the coaches will be able to see I'm working hard and trying my best."
Chicago Tribune: Brouwer trying to snap out of slow start

-Friday was the one year anniversary of MsBlackhawks! The very first post was on the Hawks/Bear commercials:
Hawks and Bears Unite
We never did see those commercials. Disappointing.

Next game is Monday night vs the Blues!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Blackhawks vs Blue Jackets
6:00 pm

-Turco is in the net.
-Kane's out with an illness.
-Cullimore was called up.

I'm at NIU for the weekend, so i'll have a full update on Sunday.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Predators are who we thought they were...

Oh, and boring too

The Blackhawks lost to the Preds in the final seconds of tonight's game. The game didn't seem right from the moment it started with Seabrook and Keith split up. Seabrook was paired up with Scott, while his other half was with Leddy. That wasn't the only change to the line-up, Pisani moved down to the 4th line with Dowell and Brouwer. Skille and Stalberg moved up to the 3rd line with Bolland.

The game started off with promise when Kane drew a hooking penalty from Ward. Kane finished off what he started with a goal in the final seconds of the powerplay. A clearly unhappy captain serious went to the box with the other captain for interference. Both penalties were on separate plays. The Predators came right back to tie it, after Bolland broke his stick and Sullivan scored on the 4 on 4. He went top shelf over Crawford's shoulder. John Scott better be quick and use his size or it won't be used as his excuse anymore. He was called for holding, but the Hawks killed it not without the help of Crawford. Toews scored his first goal of the season on a great play brought together by the passing of the Slovakian bromance. 2-1 Hawks at the end of the 1st.

The Hawks took control in the beginning of the period and dominated on a sweet shift. The 3rd and 4th line had lots of scoring opportunities and puck possession. The Hawks just keep on revisiting the too many men on the ice penalty. Luckily for them, Crawford continued his solid performance from the last game. Crawford stood out towards the end of the period when the Preds had a 2 on 3 rush. Scoreless period, but the Hawks were the better team by outshooting the Preds 11-7.

Very few significant things happened in third. First: the puck deflected off of Hendry, while he was trying to block it and it ended up in the net. Tied game, bad luck. Second: Kaner got a little feisty with O'Brien. Third: Boynton called for delay of game. Just two minutes left to keep the game tied. The Hawks had looked solid on the penalty kill eariler, but the Predators got one in there to win the game.

Hawks literally lose it in the third 3-2.

-The defense is suffering with no Campbell and no Hammer. Keith and Seabrook are already averaging crazy minutes, Keith over 30 and Seabrook just under 30.
-Crawford and Skille must not be fans of Rockford. Both of them have showed it so far this season with their play. It's refreshing to see them stepping up big time.
-The Captain Serious and the Ultimate Slovakian Bromance line needs to happen more often. Beautiful.

The Hawks have an off day tomorrow, then back to back games on Friday and Saturday.

Oh, just a reminder from last season. Trotz:


No red pads in the goal tonight. Crawford will get his second start in a row against the Predators. Why not? It's a great time to give him a chance. We'll also be able to see if his last game was legit.

This is the start of Hammer's two game suspension. According to Hammer, the NHL told him he hit too hard. It's hockey. I didn't know we were playing two hand touch in the backyard.

Hendry is back in the line-up with Hammer out.

The game is at 7:30 pm at the United Center. Tune into CSN or WGN radio 720AM

Morning Skate Interviews from Blackhawks TV:


Coach Q



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hjalmarsson Suspended

According to TSN, Hjalmarsson will be suspended for two games. The NHL reviewed his hit from last night and spoke to Hammer before today's decision. There is no surprise here. We knew he was going to get suspended, so it's reasonable.

Early today, Miller was clearly upset about the hit and spoke out about it to the media:

Kaleta basically gave Hammer a warning/threat:
"I think it'll get taken care of either with the league or, I think, when we play them Saturday."

We'll see what happens Saturday.

In other news, Wiz was suspended two games for his gesture. I guess the NHL hates Wiz as much as the rest of us.

Another Commercial:

The videos just keep on coming today...

Toews' Canadian Tire Hockey School Commercial (source)

Patrick Kane Interview on

New Commercials

Duncan Keith's One Goal Commercial "Teeth":

New Questions Will Become Answers Commercial:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Blackhawks First Win of the Season:

Game Photos here: Blackhawks Website and Chicago Tribune

The Blackhawks will certainly teach you one thing in life: never turn the channel on them. If Seabrook didn't teach you that last year in the infamous Flames' game comeback of last year, then Hossa did tonight.

1st period:

The Blackhawks had the worst possible start. The Sabres took a 1-0 lead within seconds on Crawford, then just a couple of minutes later the Hawks were down 2-0. Can't put all the blame on Crawford, even though it's usually is his fault. Early in the game the D was just off. Usual studs, Seabrook and Keith were having trouble. The connection seemed to be lost. It didn't get any better with the Hawks going on the penalty kill after a tripping call on Bolland. This was the point when your fingers were itching to press the channel button. Kane changed that though. There was no better time for Kane to score his first goal of the season, than in his hometown and that's exactly what he did. Sabres wanted to kill the joy, but instead they added to it by awkwardly celebrating when they didn't even score a goal. Those are the best. The Sabres tried again with a breakaway, but Crawford wasn't going to give up that easily. The ugly part of the game came when Hammer literally hammered down Pominville. There is a lot of different opinions on the hit. Some say it was from behind, while others say it was from the side. Either way we know Hammer didn't have any intentions to hurt Pominville, he's not that type of player. Pominville was taken out on a stretcher and even gave a thumbs up to the crowd on his way out. Hjalmarsson's consequences were 5 mins for boarding and game misconduct. Hawks finished the period strong with a huge 5 minute penalty kill.

2nd period:

Tensions were high starting the second. Miller shoved Bickell and before you knew it Bickell was in a choke hold. Nothing came of it though. Leddy and Toews paired up to make a great play for the Blackhawks second goal. Congrats to Leddy on his first NHL goal. You can already see Leddy improving with each game. The next sequence played out like this: Seabrook had a fantastic hit on McCormick, then he was just too bitter about being dominated by Seabrook. He went on to hit two Hawks, the last one being Dowell. Dowell didn't like this so he fought McCormick. What we learned from the sequence: Great hit by Seabrook. Bad fight by Dowell. The Blackhawks had plenty of scoring opportunities during the period, but Miller was on his game at the moment. Best play of the game came when Hossa went in for a breakaway, faked a slap shot, and blew one right past Miller. It was a beauty and Hossa just left you staring in amazement. After the play, Hossa must of needed some rest, he went to the box with seconds left. The Blackhawks came out of the second as the better team by outshooting and outscoring the Sabres.

3rd period:

The Hossa show kept on playing through the third as he shot a wrister under Miller's arm for a 4-2 lead over the Sabres. The Sabres came back and scored on poor play by the Hawks' D, they just lost the puck. Kopecky must of got a little too excited and put the puck into the stands. Once he came out of the box, he drew a hooking penalty and the Hawks went on the powerplay. The penalties kept on coming with the classic too many men on the ice. We all know how much the Hawks loved that one during the playoffs. Crawford made some bigs saves to keep the lead with minutes left. Hawks once again had a huge penalty kill. The Hawks win their first game of the season with the number one of the star tonight Hossa. Crawford was also a big part of the game, he was quick and solid.


-Pominville did not end up going to the hospital, but he does have a concussion.
-Unfortunately, had to watch the Sabres' game feed. The announcers brought the entertainment by continually calling Skille "skill." I understand mispronouncing Hjalmarrsson, but Skille, really?
-Hammer will most likely be suspended for the hit.
-Hossa now has three goals in three games. Does this answer your question?


Hossa's Breakaway

Hammer's hit


Blackhawks play against the Sabres at 6pm on CSN.

Crawford will be in the net for the Hawks: "I'm just anxious to go here. I'll worry about my job. We have confidence in here. We'll just worry about what we can do on the ice and the results will come after." (source)

Good News: Sharp's back!: "It's exciting to be back at it. It was a tough game to miss at the home opener. It was kind of a big hit left me feeling jarred. The most important thing is I feel good now. I'm 100 percent and ready to get back at it." (source)

Kane playing in his hometown of Buffalo: "My dad said there was one rule. You always have to be back on time for the game, so whether it was getting our ice cream or our nachos, we always had to be back in time for the period." (source)

In non Hawks news, douchebag on douchebag crime:
Keep it classy Wiz. I might think this is funny, if it wasn't Wiz. But I will always hate Wiz ever since THE HIT. (source: Puck Daddy)


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hawks lose 3-2 in Banner Raising/Home Opener:

Nine Hours at the United Center...

The Red Carpet: Only got see small glimpse's of the player's heads. However, I did see a large amount of grown men aggressively trying to take photo of the player's. It was disturbing and hilarious. I noticed Sharp's upper body injury had nothing to do with his head. From what I saw between a crowd a people, his head was still intact, which is always a good thing. A note from people watching, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Blackhawks fans wear more jerseys at games than any other sporting event in Chicago (yes, even the Bears).

Pre-game: Next time you're at the UC you might think the garlic parmesan fries look delicious. Well, looks are very deceiving. I would just skip the fries and go straight for the macaroni and cheese bites.

Banner Raising: Loud and emotional. Truly, fucking amazing (excuse my language, but it was).
-The montage: If you could put last year's season in a package and completely show/express every detail, every emotion, every game, and every goal, it's in that montage.
-Images on the ice: Absolutely loved it. Great move by the Hawks. The images were displayed on the ice during the montage, as well as when the players were introduced.
-Classy: The 1961 team passed the banner over to the 2010 champions.
-Perfect fit: The 2010 Stanley Cup Champions skated the banner to the end of the ice, it was then lifted into the rafters of the United Center.
Really can't put into words how great of an experience this was. If you were there you know exactly what is was like.

The Game:
-Before Seabrook's goal: "Seabs is going to get a goal. I can feel it in my blood." Then BOOM! After Seabrook's goal: "Seabs is going to get a hattrick!" Then...yeah, no didn't happen.
-Extremely impressed by the Hogs + Swede line of Skille, Dowell, and Stalberg. Skille is becoming quite the beast out on the ice. We'll be seeing some great things from him this season.
-Not too impressed by the peepee line of Pirri, Pisani, Brouwer. Don't mean to throw Brouwer under the bus, mostly just the peepees.
-Bickell had a goal and was the only Blackhawks' star of the night. Liked what I saw from Bickell last night. He also got pretty physical too. I gotta admit I think he's a little underrated.
-Seabrook and Holmstrom did a little shit talking to each other during the game. I was waiting for Seabrook to rip his head off. However, he did lay Holmstrom out on the ice. He even sneaked in a little kick to the skate.
-Hossa was just typical Hossa.
-Toews and Kane were quiet on the ice. For Kane's parents, they were on the Kiss Cam.
-Scott is big, but I think he might be stupid. Not to be mean, but I think he might be stupid. I don't want him helping the Wings score goals (he fell), I want him stepping on people. He needs to just not think with his head, but with his monstrous body.
-Overall the Hawks played a good game. They had solid scoring chances, but they still need to work on the powerplay. Sharp's injury sounds like nothing to lose sleep over (hopefully), but we're are going to need Campbell back, we need Campbell back.
-By the way, two of the Detroit goals were shit goals. But damn they're good.

Photos (craptastic as always, but still easy on the eyes):

Must listen to this, while looking at the photos. This was the song played during the montage.

The Before:

Pretty Ice:



Check Out The Ice:

The Central Division Champs and The Western Conference Champs:


Team Management and Eddie O:














1961 Team:

Passing the Banner:

Passing the Banner:

2010 Stanley Cup Champions:

Moving the Banner:

Stanley and the Banner:

It's in place!:

It's moving on up!:

Still moving!:

And moving!:

And moving!:

And moving!:

Almost there!:

Few more inches!:



Seabrook's Goal!:

What a great day, Blackhawks!
Final Goodbye to Stanley. See you in June!