Monday, October 18, 2010

The 8th Wonder of the World

(Photos: here and here)

There are certain things in life that need to be seen right in front of your eyes.
I was a witness to three of those things today:
-The 8th wonder of the world, Hossa
-Sharp's "hot stick"
-Hawks overtime winner

Thanks to the Blackhawks' $20 dollar student offer an hour before the game, I sat row 7 behind the goal in the 100 level. It was glorious. I knew there was a good reason I went to college, cheap Hawks' tickets.

The Blackhawks won in overtime 3-2. It played out like a storybook ending:

-Tensions were high in the game. Kopecky's was getting colorful with several Blues' players and Toews got in a little scuffle himself. BIckell was the only one to act on his frustrations. He successfully pulled the jersey over Backes' head. He walked away from the fight with a little blood on his forehead and went straight to the box
-Turco was flopping all over place, but managed to make the saves and keep them in the game. His arms and legs looked like they were made of rubber.
-Was it just me or was Kopecky everywhere but on his skates tonight?
-Toews got raped by Backes at one point. The proof is in the pictures: 33, 29, 28
-The Blues had control over the Hawks in the first and second period with Halak being solid in the net. They also had a 2-0 lead.
-Seabrook with a shot to the corner of net and Hossa was waiting there like an angel in the outfield to tap it in. Props to Turco for the pass to Seabrook. This was the goal to start it all for the Hawks.
-With the game coming to an end and the Hawks still down by one Hossa thought why not just finish what I started? A couple minutes later, he tied the game. Watching the artwork Hossa displays on the ice is a truly a beautiful thing.
-OT: Kane must be the Blues' type since they didn't see Mr. Handsome himself over by the net. Kane with the pass to Sharp and the next thing you know Sharp's skating by the glass with arms spread out looking like Jesus.
-Hossa leads the league in points and that was Sharp's third game winning goal IN A ROW.
-If Sharp is Jesus, then Hossa is god: “Sharpie told me, ‘A good scorer, the puck finds you’." (source)

Check back later for the photos from the game.

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