Friday, October 22, 2010

At Least Seabrook Scored...

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The Hawks and Blues were back and forth all through the first. It was as if they were jogging up and down a basketball court with the amount of times they went up and down the ice. Turco has continued to impress over his last few starts and once again kept the Hawks in the game. He was getting no help from the defense. Keith looked a little off in the beginning. However, he was left bromance-less on a 3 on 1, which caused Eddie O to say about ten 'active sticks.' The period was fast paced, but the Hawks lacked in something. Even a fight caused a yawn attack, but you can't expect much from Dowell. He fought against Crombeen and hasn't improved at all in fighting. The Blues' physical play was up a notch, especially on Skille. He was hit hard twice along the boards. Perron scored first for the Blues after Boynton failed to clear the puck and Keith had a bad bounce. Hawks received the first powerplay late in the period. Leave it to Mr. Handsome himself, Sharp, to get the Hawks back in the game with a pp goal. The first period ended with a 1-1 tie.


Great stops by Turco to start off the second, one with the glove and one between the legs. Foley and Eddie O steered away from the game for a few minutes. They began talking about what player's names would be if spelled backwards. Foley also snuck in a Harry Caray impression. It was quite entertaining. Next, Skille got called for tripping when he clearly fell and got tangled up. The officiating was questionable. Welcome Perron to the Blackhawks' Killers club. He had his second goal of the night and his fourth against the Hawks this season. Again, Boynton wasn't too hot for the Hawks on that goal. SSSSEEEAABBRROOKK! Brent Seabrook was the second period hero with a slapshot to tie the game 2-2. What happened next was the kind of moment where you have to rub your eyes to make sure it's actually happening. Scott finally fought vs Winchester. For a second, I thought his only talent was managing to be the biggest guy on the ice, but the least noticeable. The fight itself wasn't mind blowing, but the fact that he finally did it was. It's a step in the right direction.


A scoring opportunity came when Sharp and Kane had a breakaway, but no goal. Another opportunity came between Hossa and Toews, then a scuffle broke out. Blues attacked Kopecky, which is a big no no with Hossa on the ice. Hossa went into protection mode. There's no breaking that hardcore Slovakian bromance. Seabrook was called for delay of the game at the end of the period, not the smartest move in the world. St. Louis scored to cap off their 4-2 win. Game ended with Hossa in the box for tripping. Not a great game for the Hawks all around. Hawks play against the Blue Jackets tomorrow night at the United Center!

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