Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Avalanche bury the Blackhawks 4-3

1st period: Full of Firsts

The Blackhawks season began as Toews won the first face-off of the season. Eddie O was back in the heart of our TV speakers with his first "active stick" with in seconds of the first period. Pat Foley was missing in action (versus game) when Turco needed a catch phrase as he used those red pads of his for a great save. Leddy took some early shots in his first NHL game. Toews drew a penalty for the Blackhawk first powerplay. Hossa gave Bickell a sweet pass and believe or not Bickell used that pass for the Hawks first goal of the season. Yes, that's right Bickell surprised us with the first goal. Turco kept the game from becoming tied with a glove save, then stopped a quick rebound after. Another Hawks' powerplay with an interference by Colorado. Turco steps up again in the net to keep the Hawks lead. Keith also helped in the blocking department. Leddy lost control on the puck, Hammer missed the block, Turco thought the Avalanche was going left and they went right for their first goal. We got a glimpse of a 19 year old in his first NHL period, not too surprising. As for another new guy, Stalberg looked fast but not much play time. It was a sloppy last few minutes for the Hawks. They were outshot 15-11 with three powerplays.

2nd Period:

The game continued as one big powerplay for the Hawks with their 4th in the 2nd (hooking). Late in the powerplay, Toews and Kane had a good chance with a shot off the post. Colorado took a 2-1 lead after a re-direct by Duchene on a delayed penalty.

Commercial break: New One Goal commercial, featuring Toews. They've definitely upgraded their cameras and editing, since last year.

After commercial break, Colorado was on the powerplay. Sharp went in fast on Colorado's goal causing him to go head first into Anderson. John Scott's monstrosity came out when he exchanged a few words with Avalanche players. He looked like he was ready to kill someone. Hawks now had their 5th powerplay of the game (boarding). Best person on the Hawks powerplay: Anderson. Stastny got the puck right under Turco's pads for the 3rd goal, while Seabs headed to the box for tripping. Seabrook kept the seat in the box warm for Scott, who went in the next for highsticking. The Avalanche attacked the Hawks' goal as Turco kept the puck out of the net, while completely on his back. For the next goal, lots of action in front of the net. Sharp shot from the side and Hossa knocked it in. During this time, Kopecky was on one skate, while straddling a Colorado player.

Intermission: According to Versus, the Blackhawks have "no swagger." Yeah, I don't know what it means either.

Commercial break: Another New One Goal commercial with Kane. This one had some nice little piano Christmas-like music in the background. Later found out that it was actually "Here come the Hawks" slowed down.

3rd Period/Overtime:

It wouldn't be a start to a period without a Hawks powerplay. Seabrook made a nice play on an odd man rush. He laid out to break up the 2 on 1. Sharp tied the game 3-3 during the Hawks 7th powerplay. Leddy may have struggled earlier, but he had picked up his game in the end. With a minute left in regulation, Seabrook made everyone's heart beat a little faster ( and not because of his boyish looks) with a turnover close to the net. Turco sprawled out all over ice to keep the game tied. Unfortunately, it didn't matter. Colorado won with a quick "look away and you miss it" shot in overtime.

-Turco had a solid first game with 37 stopped out of 41.
-The team has some gelling to do. It's only the first game there's still time to build chemistry.
-Sharp was a beast tonight. A goal, assist, great shifts, and seven shots.
-The Joe Versus Announcer: Annoying. He called the game like it was a children's book: "There's a good look at Seabrook as he skates." He also had interesting word choices: "frisky" was a popular one. He knows how to use puns too: (sharp off the post) "but not Sharp enough."

Now it's time to move on to Saturday! The Blackhawks (and fans) will be back at the United Center as they take on the Red Wings. And we can't forget the banner raising!

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