Monday, October 11, 2010

Blackhawks First Win of the Season:

Game Photos here: Blackhawks Website and Chicago Tribune

The Blackhawks will certainly teach you one thing in life: never turn the channel on them. If Seabrook didn't teach you that last year in the infamous Flames' game comeback of last year, then Hossa did tonight.

1st period:

The Blackhawks had the worst possible start. The Sabres took a 1-0 lead within seconds on Crawford, then just a couple of minutes later the Hawks were down 2-0. Can't put all the blame on Crawford, even though it's usually is his fault. Early in the game the D was just off. Usual studs, Seabrook and Keith were having trouble. The connection seemed to be lost. It didn't get any better with the Hawks going on the penalty kill after a tripping call on Bolland. This was the point when your fingers were itching to press the channel button. Kane changed that though. There was no better time for Kane to score his first goal of the season, than in his hometown and that's exactly what he did. Sabres wanted to kill the joy, but instead they added to it by awkwardly celebrating when they didn't even score a goal. Those are the best. The Sabres tried again with a breakaway, but Crawford wasn't going to give up that easily. The ugly part of the game came when Hammer literally hammered down Pominville. There is a lot of different opinions on the hit. Some say it was from behind, while others say it was from the side. Either way we know Hammer didn't have any intentions to hurt Pominville, he's not that type of player. Pominville was taken out on a stretcher and even gave a thumbs up to the crowd on his way out. Hjalmarsson's consequences were 5 mins for boarding and game misconduct. Hawks finished the period strong with a huge 5 minute penalty kill.

2nd period:

Tensions were high starting the second. Miller shoved Bickell and before you knew it Bickell was in a choke hold. Nothing came of it though. Leddy and Toews paired up to make a great play for the Blackhawks second goal. Congrats to Leddy on his first NHL goal. You can already see Leddy improving with each game. The next sequence played out like this: Seabrook had a fantastic hit on McCormick, then he was just too bitter about being dominated by Seabrook. He went on to hit two Hawks, the last one being Dowell. Dowell didn't like this so he fought McCormick. What we learned from the sequence: Great hit by Seabrook. Bad fight by Dowell. The Blackhawks had plenty of scoring opportunities during the period, but Miller was on his game at the moment. Best play of the game came when Hossa went in for a breakaway, faked a slap shot, and blew one right past Miller. It was a beauty and Hossa just left you staring in amazement. After the play, Hossa must of needed some rest, he went to the box with seconds left. The Blackhawks came out of the second as the better team by outshooting and outscoring the Sabres.

3rd period:

The Hossa show kept on playing through the third as he shot a wrister under Miller's arm for a 4-2 lead over the Sabres. The Sabres came back and scored on poor play by the Hawks' D, they just lost the puck. Kopecky must of got a little too excited and put the puck into the stands. Once he came out of the box, he drew a hooking penalty and the Hawks went on the powerplay. The penalties kept on coming with the classic too many men on the ice. We all know how much the Hawks loved that one during the playoffs. Crawford made some bigs saves to keep the lead with minutes left. Hawks once again had a huge penalty kill. The Hawks win their first game of the season with the number one of the star tonight Hossa. Crawford was also a big part of the game, he was quick and solid.


-Pominville did not end up going to the hospital, but he does have a concussion.
-Unfortunately, had to watch the Sabres' game feed. The announcers brought the entertainment by continually calling Skille "skill." I understand mispronouncing Hjalmarrsson, but Skille, really?
-Hammer will most likely be suspended for the hit.
-Hossa now has three goals in three games. Does this answer your question?


Hossa's Breakaway

Hammer's hit

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