Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blackhawks Halloween Weekend Recap:

Recap might be too strong of a word for this post. Remember when I said I was going to recap the last two games? Well, that never happened. I was a terrible Blackhawks fan/blogger this weekend. Let's be honest, the amount of time I watched of each game probably doesn't even add up to a whole game. I'm assuming you all know what happened and it was Halloween, so let's just call it a holiday break. Now i'll resume my role as a loyal blogger/fan tonight vs the Rangers. Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween and did their best impersonation of Coach Q's mustache or Duncan Keith's lack of teeth.

Now it's back to Hockey!

Blackhawks vs Rangers
6:00 pm

Here's a quick video of Sarah Spain interviewing the Blackhawks at Brent Seabrook's ICE Bowl and listen to Seabrook's fake nice voice. You know the voice people use when they talk to someone on the phone they don't know too well or when you run into a neighbor/family friend (everyone has a fake nice voice!):

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