Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mother Nature Takes It Out On God: "The Great Lakes Cyclone"

The Cyclone everyone was talking about hit Chicago last night. The aftermath is going to last about a couple of weeks:

Coach Q speaks out about the "The Great Lakes Cyclone": "It's not of serious nature, but he's likely out up to a couple weeks."

More from Coach Q: "I don't know if it was that hit. It's tough to see or say when it exactly was."

Yes, it's true. Hossa will be out for a couple of weeks. Now's the time to punch a wall or tear one of your Hawks' shirts in half, whatever helps you get through this difficult time.

(Source: Sun-Times: Marian Hossa out with upper-body injury)

More on the aftermath: CSNChicago: Hossa to miss a few weeks, won't require surgery

The meteorologists said it was going to be bad.

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