Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hawks lose 3-2 in Banner Raising/Home Opener:

Nine Hours at the United Center...

The Red Carpet: Only got see small glimpse's of the player's heads. However, I did see a large amount of grown men aggressively trying to take photo of the player's. It was disturbing and hilarious. I noticed Sharp's upper body injury had nothing to do with his head. From what I saw between a crowd a people, his head was still intact, which is always a good thing. A note from people watching, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Blackhawks fans wear more jerseys at games than any other sporting event in Chicago (yes, even the Bears).

Pre-game: Next time you're at the UC you might think the garlic parmesan fries look delicious. Well, looks are very deceiving. I would just skip the fries and go straight for the macaroni and cheese bites.

Banner Raising: Loud and emotional. Truly, fucking amazing (excuse my language, but it was).
-The montage: If you could put last year's season in a package and completely show/express every detail, every emotion, every game, and every goal, it's in that montage.
-Images on the ice: Absolutely loved it. Great move by the Hawks. The images were displayed on the ice during the montage, as well as when the players were introduced.
-Classy: The 1961 team passed the banner over to the 2010 champions.
-Perfect fit: The 2010 Stanley Cup Champions skated the banner to the end of the ice, it was then lifted into the rafters of the United Center.
Really can't put into words how great of an experience this was. If you were there you know exactly what is was like.

The Game:
-Before Seabrook's goal: "Seabs is going to get a goal. I can feel it in my blood." Then BOOM! After Seabrook's goal: "Seabs is going to get a hattrick!" Then...yeah, no didn't happen.
-Extremely impressed by the Hogs + Swede line of Skille, Dowell, and Stalberg. Skille is becoming quite the beast out on the ice. We'll be seeing some great things from him this season.
-Not too impressed by the peepee line of Pirri, Pisani, Brouwer. Don't mean to throw Brouwer under the bus, mostly just the peepees.
-Bickell had a goal and was the only Blackhawks' star of the night. Liked what I saw from Bickell last night. He also got pretty physical too. I gotta admit I think he's a little underrated.
-Seabrook and Holmstrom did a little shit talking to each other during the game. I was waiting for Seabrook to rip his head off. However, he did lay Holmstrom out on the ice. He even sneaked in a little kick to the skate.
-Hossa was just typical Hossa.
-Toews and Kane were quiet on the ice. For Kane's parents, they were on the Kiss Cam.
-Scott is big, but I think he might be stupid. Not to be mean, but I think he might be stupid. I don't want him helping the Wings score goals (he fell), I want him stepping on people. He needs to just not think with his head, but with his monstrous body.
-Overall the Hawks played a good game. They had solid scoring chances, but they still need to work on the powerplay. Sharp's injury sounds like nothing to lose sleep over (hopefully), but we're are going to need Campbell back, we need Campbell back.
-By the way, two of the Detroit goals were shit goals. But damn they're good.

Photos (craptastic as always, but still easy on the eyes):

Must listen to this, while looking at the photos. This was the song played during the montage.

The Before:

Pretty Ice:



Check Out The Ice:

The Central Division Champs and The Western Conference Champs:


Team Management and Eddie O:














1961 Team:

Passing the Banner:

Passing the Banner:

2010 Stanley Cup Champions:

Moving the Banner:

Stanley and the Banner:

It's in place!:

It's moving on up!:

Still moving!:

And moving!:

And moving!:

And moving!:

Almost there!:

Few more inches!:



Seabrook's Goal!:

What a great day, Blackhawks!
Final Goodbye to Stanley. See you in June!

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