Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Number 10 on his back, Hey it's Sharp Attack!

Yes, it's true! Sharp Attack is back! Today's show:

On the championship ring: "No, i'm not wearing it. I don't wanna hurt my shoulder before the first game."

On Toews' Michigan Avenue Magazine cover: "Oh my god. Yeah, I saw that."

On getting a copy of Toews cover and bringing it to the locker room: "It will be good team bonding for everybody to see that and kind of make fun of Tazer for awhile."

On Toews describing his perfect girl: "Are you kidding me with that? I haven't heard such a lie in my life."

On the new season: "We know it means a great deal to be defending the Stanley Cup. We want to take that seriously."

On his new Roommate: "Big Seabsy boy this year."

On Seabrook: "If he doesn't pass the test in Colorado. He'll be rooming by himself."

Listen to the whole show here!

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