Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Predators are who we thought they were...

Oh, and boring too

The Blackhawks lost to the Preds in the final seconds of tonight's game. The game didn't seem right from the moment it started with Seabrook and Keith split up. Seabrook was paired up with Scott, while his other half was with Leddy. That wasn't the only change to the line-up, Pisani moved down to the 4th line with Dowell and Brouwer. Skille and Stalberg moved up to the 3rd line with Bolland.

The game started off with promise when Kane drew a hooking penalty from Ward. Kane finished off what he started with a goal in the final seconds of the powerplay. A clearly unhappy captain serious went to the box with the other captain for interference. Both penalties were on separate plays. The Predators came right back to tie it, after Bolland broke his stick and Sullivan scored on the 4 on 4. He went top shelf over Crawford's shoulder. John Scott better be quick and use his size or it won't be used as his excuse anymore. He was called for holding, but the Hawks killed it not without the help of Crawford. Toews scored his first goal of the season on a great play brought together by the passing of the Slovakian bromance. 2-1 Hawks at the end of the 1st.

The Hawks took control in the beginning of the period and dominated on a sweet shift. The 3rd and 4th line had lots of scoring opportunities and puck possession. The Hawks just keep on revisiting the too many men on the ice penalty. Luckily for them, Crawford continued his solid performance from the last game. Crawford stood out towards the end of the period when the Preds had a 2 on 3 rush. Scoreless period, but the Hawks were the better team by outshooting the Preds 11-7.

Very few significant things happened in third. First: the puck deflected off of Hendry, while he was trying to block it and it ended up in the net. Tied game, bad luck. Second: Kaner got a little feisty with O'Brien. Third: Boynton called for delay of game. Just two minutes left to keep the game tied. The Hawks had looked solid on the penalty kill eariler, but the Predators got one in there to win the game.

Hawks literally lose it in the third 3-2.

-The defense is suffering with no Campbell and no Hammer. Keith and Seabrook are already averaging crazy minutes, Keith over 30 and Seabrook just under 30.
-Crawford and Skille must not be fans of Rockford. Both of them have showed it so far this season with their play. It's refreshing to see them stepping up big time.
-The Captain Serious and the Ultimate Slovakian Bromance line needs to happen more often. Beautiful.

The Hawks have an off day tomorrow, then back to back games on Friday and Saturday.

Oh, just a reminder from last season. Trotz:

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