Sunday, October 3, 2010

Preseason: Game Seven (Thank God!)

The Blackhawks preseason ended today with a win against the Blues. Their season is about to get started as the Bears season ends (just kidding Bears fans). Before Sunday Night Football got started, the Blackhawks were at the UC showing a glimpse of what's to come this Thursday.

Morin has repeatedly showed everyone from the coaches to the fans that he wants and deserves a spot on the roster. Today was no different. He isn't the only young guy showing he has what it takes, with Makarov slipping away from the spotlight since the start of training camp/preseason, Leddy is the next guy in line. Coach Q has talked highly of Leddy the last few games and has paired him with Hammer. Looks like the kid is trying to prove he's more than just Soupy's replacement. Remember, these guys (or more like boys) are only 19.

As for the old pros, Hossa continued his awesomeness that explodes from his skates and stick when he gets on the ice. Same goes for Toews, they both had goals in the second period. Kopecky has shown up big this preseason with a goal and assist tonight. With the Hawks four goal second (3 power play goals) they washed away their Blues 4-3.

It all starts on Thursday!


  1. And Morin just got assigned to Rockford. I really thought he had a shot at making the team this season.

  2. I'm really surprised by this, but he's a great asset to have in the Hawks organization.